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Betting on baseball and the value of a dime line

Professional gamblers will always make the argument that betting on baseball is a true moneymaker over other sports, but only if you know its advantages. One such edge is finding value from top rated sportsbooks that offer a dime line, which is significant towards turning a profit.

For those sports wagering enthusiasts who are unfamiliar with the terminology of a dime line, it’s the betting odds offered with a 10-cent differential in the number, and the amount of vig or juice by the Bookmaker.

Dime Line Example

For example, if the Mets are a playing the Braves, and New York is listed as a -140 favorite, the payback on Atlanta would be +130 on the MLB moneyline board at any sportsbook with a dime line.

The ability of obtaining a dime line could be worth half the cost as most sportsbooks are moving towards a 20-cent line when betting on baseball.

It is never recommended to bet an underdog on a 20-cent line as you are automatically giving up money if you win your wager. In the above example, the Braves would be listed at +120 on a 20-cent line, so for a $100 bet instead of winning $130 on a 10-cent line, you are only collecting $120. This may not seem like much, but over the long-term you will leave a lot of money on the table.

Dime Line Importance

A dime line provides added value to sports bettors, especially those who are wagering on underdogs. However, Bookmakers know that most novice bettors typically side with favorite more often than picking the underdog – regardless of the price – or two teams in the game to bet.

While the sportsbooks make an attractive line for betting favorites, the reality is the chalk cashes tickets less than 60% of the time, which further emphasizes the value of betting on underdogs throughout the long-term.

Creating Long Term Profits

As sports investor, you have to fully understand betting and winning is solely based on numbers, and not your favorite team or gut feeling. You will lose at a rapid pace if you don’t find value to give yourself a better chance of winning, and in baseball that value is by simply doing a little line shopping to find reputable sportsbooks that offer a dime line on baseball games.

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