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Your ultimate guide for piercings that hurt the most and least

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Body piercings have become extremely popular everywhere these days. They look stylish and can enhance our appearance in a great way. In fact, people with piercing look very attractive. Besides, this piercing can be done on various parts of your body as per your taste. However, certain parts of our body are actually more prone to pain when compared to other parts. Even the piercing experience differs from person to person.

The reason behind this is some people are very sensitive and cannot bear even a little pain, while some people can tolerate even severe pain. Let’s discuss about the most painful piercings first and then the least painful piercings.

Most painful piercing areas

  • Genital piercing: Piercing on genital areas will be extremely painful. For example, if you are planning to get the piercing done on penis then you have to understand that this body area contains more than 3000 nerve endings. Piercing on penis can be done in different ways. Hence the pain depends on the way you get it. Even the clitoris is very sensitive like penis. In fact, clitoris piercing can hurt you very badly.
  • Nose piercing: In this case, the pain mostly depends on the areas where you are planning to get the piercing done on your nose. For example, septum piercing is very painful when compared to the regular nose piercing. However, septum piercing heals very quickly.
  • Nipple piercing: Nipples are extremely sensitive. And, the nipple nerves have a direct connection with brain. If you want to get the piercing done on nipples then you should prepare your mind to tolerate severe pain.

Piercing is something which should be handled with extreme care. You should also hire a professional piercer to get your piercing done. Choosing wrong piercers can result in too much pain and improper piercing. If a piercer is not careful when doing piercing, it can cause some major problems in future. Hence, it is extremely important to choose a professional piercer from a good piercing store. If you are looking for the best Pacific Beach piercing Shop in the US to get your piercing done, then choose Side Show Tattoo and Piercing.

The best part about their piercers is they will make you feel comfortable and does the piercing perfectly. As they use the safe and advanced equipment for piercing, you may not experience too much pain during piercing. They are also very popular for tattooing as well. Check their website online to book their appointment.

Least painful piercing areas

  • Ear piercing: Ear piercing generally don’t hurt us much. It also heals quickly. Ear piercing will generally heal within 15 to 20 days.
  • Eyebrow piercing: You will experience very little pain when getting eyebrow piercing done. However, this depends on the location where you are getting it done on your eyebrow.
  • Tongue piercing: Tongue piercing is also less painful when compared to the remaining ones. However, you have to take care of it well. Otherwise, bacteria may develop in that area and cause infection.

Did you decide which one to try? Get the piercing done right away to turn your looks perfectly stunning.

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