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Your guy’s 5 worst fashion faux pas (and how to fix them!)

newspaperWhether you’re a true trendsetter or just a part-time fashionista, you’ve probably put some thought into your personal style. That’s why it can be so frustrating to walk hand-in-hand with a guy who looks like he’s just rolled out of bed.

No matter how naturally attractive he is, it’s nice to know your man is putting some effort into looking good for you. Usually, it’s not that your S/O doesn’t care. It’s that he doesn’t necessarily know HOW to take it to your level, stylistically. That’s why we’ve put together a list of your guy’s five worst fashion faux pas and how to fix them.

  1. Skipping an Undershirt

An undershirt is a must-have item for the fashionable man. It serves several functions, from keeping the wearer warm to stopping pesky chest hairs from poking out. Perhaps most importantly, it will stop your guy’s good dress shirts from getting stained with sweat or deodorant marks. However, not all undershirts are created equal. A lot of guys make the mistake of using a standard t-shirt as an undershirt. Not only will it be more noticeable (showing your undershirt is a big no-no) but it will also be made of thicker fabric. The best undershirts for men will be more lightweight and breathable.

  1. Sporting Square-Toed Shoes

One quick way to destroy a well put together outfit is to pick the wrong shoes. So, if you’ve caught your guy sporting square-toed shoes, it’s time to take him shopping, STAT! This unflattering, chunky style hasn’t been en vogue for years and tends to make the wearer look dated and awkward. Instead, get him to slip into a pair of more fashionable Oxfords.

  1. Wearing Athletic Gear Outside the Gym

Leggings and yoga pants might slowly be gaining acceptability when you step out of your spin class, but we’ve got a long way to go before we endorse the combo of baggy sweatpants and garishly branded sports shoes. Make sure the man in your life knows that lycra and other athletic gear isn’t the best choice of weekend wear for the fashion-conscious man. If he wants to look active without overdoing it, he should slip into a pair of shorts and a high-quality short-sleeved tee.

  1. Showing His Underwear

It’s 2018 and the trend of showing a sliver of underwear above your pants is well and truly dead. If your guy is guilty of showing his waistband, make sure he’s got a good quality leather belt to keep things in place. Just as important, give him a little hint that it’s time to upgrade the multi-pack of briefs he got for Christmas two years ago for something a bit sexier. You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic black boxer briefs.

  1. Wearing Sunglasses Inside

Just because all the celebs do it doesn’t mean it’s okay: We don’t know why, but men seem to be the worst offenders when it comes to leaving their shades on when they enter a building. Not only does it come across as rude, but wearing sunglasses indoors also gives the wearer an aura of trying too hard. Next time your man is wearing his sunglasses indoors, give him a gentle reminder that he’s not Kayne and you’d love to see his beautiful eyes.

If you’re frustrated by the fashion faux pas the special man in your life is making, try these five easy tips to get his style up to scratch (almost) overnight.

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