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Your complete bronze casting guide

bronze casting
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Every once in a while, you will find yourself looking at bronze statues and art installations in parks, showcase halls, art galleries, and other places. They are majestic and capture the imaginations of countless people. But do you have an idea how bronze statues and sculptures come to exist? Do you know that creating such artistic wonders takes more than commitment? Say hello to bronze casting, the process that brings bronze artwork to life. Now how about we take a step and see what bronze casting is?

Defining bronze casting

Bronze casting is the method where workers put molten or liquid bronze into a custom mold that defines a statue or sculpture. To create molten bronze, workers must melt and mix materials, such as copper and tin. The bronze goes through a cooling period of three to four days. Once the material finishes settling down, workers will remove the mold, revealing the art piece within.

Bronze casting is not only for statues and sculptures. The process is also ideal for making plaques, medals, décor pieces, and furniture enhancements.

The different bronze casting techniques

While there exist numerous bronze casting methods out there, we will only discuss the three primary ones professionals use in the industry.

  • Sand casting process: In sand casting, a sand mold comes along as an integral piece of the bronze product. After using the sand mold, you can sell it as it is. Or you may use it for other castings.
  • Centrifugal casting: Centrifugal casting is ideal for cylindrical castings. This process shares a number of advantages and disadvantages.
  • Continuous casting: Continuous casting sounds as it is. Molten bronze material will continuously flow, which requires an enormous space for the overall product.

Confusion is a norm when it comes to bronze casting methods. So if you are not sure about what you want, you can always contact a company or professional who excels in bronze-related issues.

Is it expensive?

Bronze products usually start at $9,999 to $100,000 each piece. Bronze casting can cost an arm and leg. But it will depend on what kind of end product you are aiming for overall. The complete operation from start to finish requires a lot of materials, time, and hard labor. Expect to pay for all of these factors if you want to get your hands on a bronze item. In addition to that, you will pay extra for custom mold designs.

But why bronze?

There are a number of ideal reasons why bronze is an efficient material for items and art pieces.

  • Cost-effective
  • Outstanding surface finish
  • High-dimensional touch
  • Bronze is a decent electrical conductor
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Durable against metal fatigue
  • Self-decontaminating
  • Resistant to various weather elements
  • Aesthetic result

I would want to inquire, but where?

You would want to start things off in a bronze casting foundry. A foundry is a facility where the manufacturing or production of bronze items takes place. But the real problem is that not all cities have one. You might have difficulties locating a foundry if you choose to drive around town. So to save on gas money and time, you can look for a foundry online. The internet will be your best friend when it comes down to looking for ideal bronze casting foundries and related services.

Bronze casting foundry services

Casting foundries offer more than casts. Check out some of the services they showcase on the list below:

  • Mold making
  • Lost wax casting
  • Bronze item repair and maintenance
  • Custom packaging
  • Sand casting
  • Functional casting
  • Industrial casting
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal fabrication
  • Base creation
  • Bronze item enhancements
  • Online orders

Some foundries have unique and more education-related services. Some of them include:

  • Do-it-yourself processing tutorials
  • Casting study
  • Digital casting lectures
  • Sculpting basics
  • Foundry and casting history classes
  • Tours and short expeditions

Will a bronze art item be worth the expense?

It will depend on an individual’s mindset. Bronze sculptures and items that famous artists make will cost more on the market. But for starting artists, it might be a tough ride to catch. For collectors, a bronze item will be a decent addition to any gallery. With enough care and maintenance, you can preserve the item for years to come.

You can start today

You can begin your bronze art item journey sometime soon. It does not matter whether you are an aspiring artist or collector. You have all the information and resources to kick off any bronze endeavor. Plus, some artists and foundries can give you a hand with your bronze art and other requirements.

Story by Gail Yang