youngkin set to campaign for big lie proponent kari lake in arizona next month

Youngkin set to campaign for Big Lie proponent Kari Lake in Arizona next month

glenn youngkin
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Gov. Glenn Youngkin has been playing both sides of the Republican crazy train as he ramps up a possible run at the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

It’s not going to work, and the latest evidence as to why comes with the news that Youngkin will head to Arizona next month to campaign for gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Lake, a former local TV news anchor, has gone full MAGA, publicly buying in to Donald Trump’s Big Lie, even questioning the legitimacy of the Republican primary before she won it last month.

Funny thing there: she didn’t contest her own primary win.

Maybe it was rigged in her favor.

Anyway, Youngkin is hitching his wagon to this Lake character, who also thinks there’s something funny going o with COVID vaccine mandates.

Youngkin’s elevator pitch to Republican presidential primary voters will be that he won in a blue state by reaching out to moderates and peeling away votes on issues like education and good government.

That even this guy feels the need to sign on to back a prominent Big Lie proponent tells you all you need to know about what he thinks of his own resume.

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