You Be The Analyst

Item by Chris Graham
[email protected]

vtribbon_thumbnail.jpguvaswords.jpgVirginia and Virginia Tech are about to play The Biggest Football Game Ever Played.
And you know how it’s going to turn out.
Tell us how you see things going on Saturday in You Be The Analyst.
I wish I could offer a neat prize – but I guess being right and being able to prove it to the world afterward will have to be enough.
Just post your prediction for the game – final scores being somewhat important, and to me telling us how you see the game transpiring leading to the final score, and what you see as the big factors leading to the outcome, also being up there among the things that could serve as tiebreakers – in our Comments section below.
And feel free to poke holes in my own analysis or the analysis of a fellow poster.
I mean, that’s what being an analyst is all about. Right?


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