Yakir Peace gives 5 tips to new and passionate entrepreneurs

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Doing business in the world today has reached new levels, opportunities are almost everywhere and it’s open to everyone for the taking. The online world has created copious platforms to be heard, seen, and to earn a decent living, but beyond this, it has never been easier to become an entrepreneur, with steadfast passion, a clear vision and mission, it is possible to experience the joys of being your own boss, however these joys do not come without a considerable amount of work and effort, but is worth it in the end. 

Israeli-born businessman Yakir Peace, who always wanted to be a successful freelancer, has made a name for himself, he owns different businesses in different industries, namely advertising, information security, real estate, and online tickets.

Being a businessman, especially a multi passionate businessman, inevitably comes with its challenges; anyone who is in the playing field already, leading by example from not only their successes, but also their failures, can be an impactful mentor to any budding and aspiring entrepreneur.

Yakir Peace, at the age of 28, has wisdom to share from his experiences in the business world, he gives advice on what to do first, he talks about the approach to have with opportunity, and he demonstrates through his actions what the best attitude is to have for any passionate entrepreneur wanting to add to their skill sets and learn all they can; let’s take a look at what Yakir advises, not only through his words, but also through his actions.

5 Tips to New and Passionate Entrepreneurs

  1. The First Step

Yakir advises that the first step,especially when it comes to being more versatile in business, is to ‘make international connections with serious people’. This is a critical step when starting an entrepreneurial journey, no man is an island as the saying goes, and so too are entrepreneurs; without the help from more experienced mentors, coaches, or advisors a person can only go so far.

When it comes to expansion, and creating impact and service that reaches beyond borders, cultivating new relationships with already established businesses and professionals will kickstart the growth of any new business venture.

  1. When Opportunity Comes

An important mindset to have as an entrepreneur is centred around growth and always looking forward. A mindset that embraces the new, and sometimes this comes along as opportunities – big or small, once every blue moon or more occasionally, however it comes, as Yakir advises, ‘take it with both hands’. When starting a new business it’s not always possible to play it safe, and some opportunities will be more risky than others, but if a growth mindset and determination is the driving force then every risk will be taken confidently.

  1. Philanthropy

Beyond business, Yakir also involves himself in philanthropic causes; he supports women’s rights and families that are poverty-stricken. This is an example of leadership, and as an entrepreneur it’s about giving back and serving the community; having a people-centred mindset.

  1. Collaboration

To have well-run business, collaboration and relationships are a must. Being an entrepreneur is about delivering a service, and being involved with other partnerships. Yakir has worked with governments as well as worked with other countries like South America. As any business builds and expands lucrative partnerships will not only build a good portfolio, but attract more interested clients.

  1. Remember Where You Come From

Success can come with a price, it can often take over a person’s life and makes them only focus on their own wealth, however, a successful entrepreneur will remember where he/she came from, and maintain a level of humility for the journey. Yakir donates money to impoverished families in Israel, reminding any aspiring entrepreneur to remember home, and to take care of one’s people.

Yakir Peace is an example that any novice entrepreneur can learn from; the possibilities don’t end with only one business venture or one opportunity, as Yakir demonstrates in his own life. With the right attitude, willingness to be open to reach for opportunities, giving back and not only thinking about oneself, and developing relationships with others it is a good start to become a successful entrepreneur.

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