Yacht Jerico shares facts everyone should know about yacht charters

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The luxurious yacht charter market consists of various types and sizes of vessels. Despite the setbacks encountered over the last year, the yacht charter industry is growing at a CAGR of 15% and is expected to reach $27.8 billion by 2027.

Whether you are chartering a yacht for your whole vacation, or just spending a day out on the water, Yacht Jerico offers you these facts to make sure you do it properly.

Understanding yacht charters

Renting a boat for a specific location and a certain period is known as a yacht charter. Anything from an evening rental, overnight trip, day trip, or even trips that last months are considered yacht charters.

Yacht charter is a term that usually refers to crewed yacht rentals where crews are responsible for the sailing process and meal preparations. Boat types vary and include motor or sailing yachts.

Charter vessels vary in size, and one of the longest in the world is The Flying Fox at 466 feet in length and 74 feet wide. At $4 million a week, this is a magnificent vessel for those that can afford it. That doesn’t mean that those with smaller budgets cannot afford a yacht charter holiday.

Yacht charter companies specialize in organizing any type of occasion or vacation to suit your personal needs and budget.

How to charter a yacht

Whether you have dreamt of having a party out at sea, cruising around the pristine beaches of the Caribbean, exploring the coastal areas of Miami, or hopping around the Mediterranean, a yacht charter is the best way to do this. The process of chartering a yacht is very easy since many options are available to suit every budget.

If you have never chartered a boat before, and aren’t sure where to begin, you might want to start with a trusted yacht charter broker. Once you have told the broker the location and type of charter vessel you are looking for, they will give you loads of options.

Perhaps you already have an idea of the destinations and type of boat you want, then you can approach a yacht charter in the area.

Once you have decided on the charter, whether through a broker or on your own, you will sign a contract and pay a deposit. Remember, discuss the specifics of your itinerary before setting off to ensure you get to enjoy your vacation.

What are the different types of yacht charters?

Most people refer to skippered charters when discussing yacht charters, but they can also include bareboat and cabin yacht charters. On a bareboat charter, you usually captain the boat yourself. However, you can request a skipper.

With cabin charters you buy a place on the crew of the boat, paying for a cabin and meals, but with an active role as a crew member. On a skippered charter you have a crew that includes a captain, and may also include a deckhand and chef.

Main types of yachts you can charter

The two main types of yachts you can charter are motor and sail.

Motor yachts are the most popular charters because they are faster and usually, larger. These are often equipped with plenty of extras like water sports equipment and advanced sound systems. They are more expensive to rent because of the fuel surcharge. Catamarans are also popular because they are more stable.

For those wanting a relaxing experience, sail yachts are perfect. They are slower, but are less noisy, and have no fuel surcharge.

Following the rules and guidelines

Whatever type of charter you have chosen, you are probably geared for some fun in the sun. However, there are some basic rules and guidelines that everyone must follow.

Yacht charter companies have strict rules concerning the number of passengers allowed on each type of vessel. They expect guests to abide by these.

The safety briefing before the trip begins is important, and everyone should listen and heed it. During the safety briefing, everyone is informed of any restrictions on board. These may include smoking restrictions, off-limits areas, etc.

Finally, if you are chartering a bareboat, you will need to have some type of sailing qualification. These vary, depending on the location or type of boat you want to charter.

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Story by Giuliana Speranza

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