WWE dumps Big Cass: Why?

Big CassBig Cass, real life name William Morrissey, has been released by WWE, two days after opening the Money in the Bank pay-per-view with a tapout loss to Daniel Bryan.

Word on the dirt sheets is that Cass had been in hot water with brass dating back to a segment before the Cass-Bryan match at Backlash in which Cass went off-script with a little person wrestler portraying Bryan in a TV skit.

Which, if that’s the case, it would seem odd that the release would come now, after a second straight pay-per-view loss to Bryan, and not last month, after their first forgettable match at Backlash, which also ended with Cass tapping out to Bryan.

Which, we were told then, was the result of that same incident involving the little person wrestler, and going off-script.

So, we’re to believe that Vince McMahon was so bothered by Cass, Morrissey, at this stage, going off-script, that he kept him on TV for another month, and gave him another pay-per-view match.

Got it.

I actually don’t doubt that this is all true. Seems as plausible as anything else at this stage.

It’s just, it still makes no sense.

Bryan’s days with WWE may be numbered themselves, from what he’s telling folks on various podcasts. And you wasted a month of the time he may have left with the company on a feud with a guy who was on his way to getting released all along?

There has to be more thought put into this stuff than we’re seeing. There just has to be.

Column by Chris Graham

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