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‘W&L After Class’ podcast releases new episode featuring Brian Murchison

W&L After ClassWashington and Lee University invites listeners to tune into a new episode of “W&L After Class: The Lifelong Learning Podcast” featuring Brian Murchison.

In the first episode of season two of “W&L After Class,” Murchison, the director of the Roger Mudd Center for Ethics at Washington and Lee University and Rowe Professor of Law at the W&L School of Law, examines the First Amendment and interprets the Founding Fathers’ intentions in light of today’s application of the law.

“So, this is the idea of speech and press as, I don’t know, facilitating one’s humanity, facilitating one’s being, facilitating one’s… we call it self-realization,” Murchison said. “That’s one of the main values that is associated with the First Amendment. And [Supreme Court Justice Louis] Brandeis went on to talk about two other values. One is the value of self-governance… and the third one he talks about is the role of speech and press in the broader search for truth.”

The “After Class” podcast series began in spring 2020, and every episode invites listeners to join conversations with W&L’s expert faculty, giving them a walk down the Colonnade from the comfort of their home. Listeners hear from popular W&L faculty members about topics they know and love, meet new professors and learn about their research. Some of the topics include poetry, beer, tea, witches, poverty, politics and art.

To date, the series includes 12 episodes with many more planned for the future. Conversations from the first season include chats with faculty members Sybil Price Nelson (mathematics), Elliott King (art history), Mark Rush (politics, international education), Mikki Brock (history), Howard Pickett (director of the Shepherd Program), Julie Woodzicka and Karla Murdock (cognitive and behavioral science), Janet Ikeda (Japanese), Bill Hamilton (biology), Johanna Bond (law school) and Marc Conner, former provost and professor of English.

The public is invited to listen to archived episodes for free at or wherever you listen to podcasts (e.g., iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher). Recent episodes include:

“After Class” is a collaboration of W&L’s Office of Lifelong Learning, Alumni Engagement and University Communications.

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