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Witty ways to use LED open signs to make a great first impression

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For any business, irrespective of the trade, using indoor signs is both necessary and helpful. Signs help guide your visitors throughout your store, offices, or facility. When placed strategically in front of your store, a LED open sign can be so impactful in the way it communicates the message. Signs can also be used to a great effect to inform people about the services or products you offer, your current promotions or specials, and what customers can find on the menu.

But probably the most important role of business signs is creating a great first impression on the visitors. In this article, we tell you simple and witty ways you can use your signs to create an excellent first impression and get your visitors hooked in from the get-go.

Be sure not to overdo it

The first place you want to concentrate your efforts is the lobby of your organization. But be careful not to overdo your signage and overwhelm visitors with too much lighting and overly fussy design. Digital LED signs can be used to a fantastic effect to create that warm, welcoming atmosphere that puts your guests or customers at ease.

Set a professional tone

When a customer comes to your business premises, they usually have certain expectations. If you are a lawyer or doctor, visitors will expect that your company is professionally appointed. For a creative company, your first impression will be to be edgy. And like a sign company like Greenlight Innovations, it’s important to proudly showcase your past projects. The indoor signs you use at your lobby should be perfectly in tune with your office’s aesthetics. Take advantage of different lighting options and materials to create a harmonious look.

Start selling right away

Some people might not think of the lobby as the right place to start wooing your customers. But for some, there is no better place than the lobby. If your business is one in which customers expect to encounter aggressive sales methods, for instance, a car dealership, it’s acceptable to use LED signs to promote offers. To this end, you want to use auto-scrolling promotions and wall tickers.

Brand signage needs to emphasize indoors

That LED open sign hung outside your premises has already brought the customer inside the shop or store. You need to emphasize this great first impression and send the message that they made the right choice to walk into your premises. The best way to do this is by using a professional LED sign indoors. It works great to make visitors coming to your place for the first time to feel more comfortable immediately as opposed to feeling out-of-place or unsure.

Direct customers with indoor signs

Customers are likely to appreciate signs that show them where they need to go or what to do. Implementing this strategy will ensure you continue with your helpful guidance theme.

For example, you could use signs that show visitors where the restroom is located, those that break space into categories to enable customers to find merchandise a lot more easily, and signs directing them where to check out. Also, a well-placed directory sign will give guidance to your visitors throughout the premises.

Keep everything clear and simple

Do not get into the habit of fitting too much info on a sign. This will not help put your messages across but can be counterproductive. Too much information can not only be hard to read but even be confusing. No one wants to stand there for 5 minutes just trying to figure out the meaning of a sign.

A sign should provide help to customers at first glance. This means you should make your signage readable and clear. The information there should be easily readable either from a distance or when you move close to it. Avoid using too many design elements to convey your message. Once you have designed your sign, get out and walk in like a customer and see if everything is clear and legible. If not, start again.

LED signs have the power to make your business stand out from the crowd. Use them cleverly and you will be amazed at how effective it can drive sales.

Tips for designing your LED sign

Indoor LED signs must work harmoniously with your store’s aesthetic. Below are some of the things you want to keep at the back of your mind when designing signs:

Material-the material you pick to design your signs should match that of your décor. LED signs generally look beautiful in a modern setting. On the other hand, metal signs will work best for the more traditional spaces.

Lighting- lighting works wonderfully to enhance the visibility of a sign but you need to ensure that it works correctly with your existing setup. If it’s too dim, your light will appear awkward. On the other hand, if it is too bright, it is sure to make your guests uncomfortable.

Size: Many business owners make the mistake of choosing LED open signs that are either too large or too small. Before you get a LED open sign determine the measurements of your wall where you intend to place the sign and get a rough idea of how it will feel before you order.


LED signs have revolutionized business advertising like nothing before. With attractive color choices and bright light, they give you the freedom to stand out from the competition. The best part is that creating LED signs is easy, and you can schedule them to appear at different times of the day, week, or even months.

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