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Wittman urges Pelosi, Mayorkas to take action to address migrant crisis at the southwest border

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Republicans are blaming a surge of immigrants crossing the southwest border on immigration policy rollbacks instituted by President Biden.

First District Republican Congressman Rob Wittman is calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas to take action to address the situation.

“This is a crisis of the Biden administration’s own making, directly resulting from open border policies,” said Wittman, “ including his executive orders weakening border security, virtually eliminating enforcement of immigration laws, putting a moratorium on deportations, and promising amnesty to all undocumented immigrants residing in the country illegally.

“Not only did President Biden weaken enforcement of the law, but he acted unilaterally in overturning policies proven to successfully deter illegal immigration, such as the Migrant Protection Protocols, which required asylum seekers to wait for their hearings in border facilities in Central America rather than being released inside the country. The Biden administration also ended the asylum agreements President Trump negotiated with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, which required asylum seekers to remain in the first safe country they enter — the prevailing standard for asylum seekers in the European Union and in Canada.

“President Biden has replaced these policies with the Obama-era process of “catch and release,” where illegal aliens claiming asylum are detained, processed, and released inside the United States as they await their hearing — which usually takes years.

“We need an immigration system that works for the American people. First and foremost, we must stop encouraging migrants to enter the United States illegally. Second, we must enhance our border security, including a physical barrier to deter those attempting to enter the country illegally, and helping direct those seeking asylum to the proper points of entry.

“Lastly, we must invest in our Border Patrol agents and law enforcement officers to ensure our current immigration laws are enforced, immigration programs work properly, and that we law enforcement officials have the resources necessary to get their jobs done. That investment must include hiring additional immigration judges and support staff, hiring additional Border Patrol agents, and increasing Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel.”

“America was built by immigrants, and immigrants continue to play an undeniably important role in America today. But those seeking to enter the United States must do so legally. We are a nation of laws and we must always remain so. Our first responsibility is the American people’s safety and security. I have called upon both Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mayorkas to fulfill their role in this responsibility to the American people.”

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