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Winners and Losers: Obama, Gilmore

Compiled by Chris Graham

NO BOUNCE: Obama, McCain still even in polls

My suspicions toward the end of last week’s breathless speculation about who Barack Obama would name as his VP were that the process was playing out for far too long for it to have the effect that I suspect that the Obama team desired in terms of a pre-convention bounce.

The dead heat that we’re seeing now in the national polls reflects that I was more on than I had thought at the time.

Advice to those breaking big campaign news in the future – don’t break it over a six-day period, and sure as hell don’t have the unveiling on a weekend. Whoever schemed that one up oughta be out on their can now schlepping for fame and rent money with the rest of us.


THROWING THE WORD ‘LIE’ AROUND TOO MUCH FOR MY LIKING: The people that want Jim Gilmore to be your next U.S. senator

Today’s version has the Gilmore folks on YouTube with a video entitled “Notorious Politicians and Their Lies.”

You know, that word, “lie,” means something to me. It means a willful effort on the part of someone to get you to believe one thing when their intent is to do something else pretty much the opposite of what they’re saying.

It doesn’t mean running for governor saying you’re not going to raise taxes and then getting into office and seeing state troopers and sheriff’s deputies getting food stamps and schools underfunded to the point of not being able to adequately educate their kids and then calling for a half-cent increase on the sales tax and a bigger increase on cigarette sales makes one a liar. No more than running for governor promising to “end the car tax” and then not getting that job done before you leave office makes one a liar.

We devalue too many important words in this postliteral day and age. It’s time that we all agree to end the hyperbole and try to stick to accepted meanings again soon.

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