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Winners and Losers: Marrow, Deeds-McDonnell, Obama

WINNER: Greg Marrow gets something of an even footing with Steve Landes
It’s all a challenger can ask for – to have the incumbent bless you as viable. And when Steve Landes clumsily quoted Ronald Reagan, raised his voice and then breached debate etiquette by interrupting a fellow candidate’s answer and personal space, what he was saying was, You’re a threat.

PUSH: Poll have Deeds-McDonnell race tightening
Yeah, OK, it’s tight now, two to four points for McDonnell. Democrats can’t be too excited now, though, because even though it’s closer than it was back when McDonnell had his 10- to 15-point lead, hey, he’s still ahead.
At least until the next poll.

LOSERS: ‘Pubs still trail Obama
A Public Policy Polling poll this week had Barack Obama leading his expected 2012 Republican challengers by healthy margins.
Which, well, think about it. A summer of tea-party discontent, and Obama still trumps.
Maybe the Republicans do need to come up with something more than No! No!! No!!! as their party platform.


– Column by Chris Graham

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