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Winners and Losers: June 26, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham

WINNER: I got free ice cream

Kline’s Dairy Bar celebrated its grand opening in Downtown Waynesboro this afternoon.

For whatever reason, I was there. OK, it was for the free ice cream.

Ethics issue – I’m sure the free ice cream was meant at least in part to entice people who’ve never had Kline’s ice cream before to give it a try.

Um, er … I go there four or five nights a week.

I mean, it’s two blocks from my house.

Anyway …


LOSERS: House Republicans block Kaine roads bill from even getting to House floor

Not a good political idea.

Let it get to the floor and then die. Seriously, we knew the flat-earthers in the House GOP weren’t going to give it the time of day. Let it go to the floor, then let it wither through a debate a day or two before the bloodletting.

Doing it this way smacks of backroom politics.

But hey, I don’t expect them to listen to me.


LOSERS: Vacations delay special session

The AP is reporting that the full House and Senate won’t be getting back together for nearly two weeks because of vacation commitments.

Vacation commitments.

You can’t make this stuff up, ladies and germs.


TODAY’S HOT OR NOT: I complained about them yesterday, so some mad props are due the folks at Media General for fixing whatever the problem was that was preventing comments that I was trying to post to blogs on the News Virginian website from going through the system. And so now the world can see what I had to say in response to a blog from Jim Sacco and another from Bob Stuart. I know. You can’t wait to click on the links that I’ve provided and check out what I had to say.

Customer service like that is hot.

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