Winners and Losers: July 8, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham

WINNER: Tim Williams shows some backbone

If you get a chance to catch the replay of the city-council meeting on Channel 14, please do take a look. Around the 20-minute mark, you’ll see a debate over the makeup of the Finance Committee between Vice Mayor Frank Lucente and former vice mayor Nancy Dowdy that ends when Williams suggests a compromise appointing Lorie Smith as the committee’s third member and then getting the entire council involved by shifting the work of the committee to the full council work session.

Given what preceded it, I’m left wondering if Williams cleared what he offered up with Lucente, and I’m guessing that he didn’t.

Good for him.


LOSER: How much coverage of the park can we stand?

Gypsy hill sees quiet Monday after hectic weekend.”

Families spend last day of Fourth of July weekend driving, relaxing.”

Vintage cars cruise in to Gypsy Hill Park.”

Preparing Fourth of July festivities.”

Another day, another story in the Leader about the park.

Which is why a friend from the News Virginian called today to ask, tongue in cheek, “Are you covering the park beat today?”

Maybe I should have been. Seems to be a good source of news.


TODAY’S HOT OR NOT: The News Virginian is printing in Lynchburg now

Ugh. This can’t be good. Not only for the editorial schedule, which has to be pushed up way, way beyond any point of common sense – I mean, how are they going to get high-school football and basketball games that end at 9:30 in now, not to mention late-breaking local-government meeting news?

I know the answer is that you’ll have to go to the website to get that kind of stuff, but has the business model evolved to the point where the losses that you can bet will be coming and coming soon on the print side can be made up for on the web side? I’m not so sure.

My gut tells me that this move wasn’t done so much with the business model in mind as it was done with the Sword of Damocles hanging over a bunch of people’s heads.

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