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Winners and Losers: July 23, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham

WINNER: Jim Sacco at the NV is givin’ ’em hell at Fort

I’m just adding my voice on this to the work that Jim Sacco has been doing to give the Fort Defiance High School administration hell for the way it handled the recent dismissal of beloved wrestling coach Terry Waters.

Seems to me that when you say you have something that you can make public that will explain why you’re letting a guy go, then you’d better have something to back that up when the time is appropriate. Otherwise you’re giving too room for rumor and innuendo to ruin a person’s reputation.

It’s time for the Augusta County School Board to hold its administrators accountable for their actions here.

FDHS principal Larry Landes famously said during this episode that his school was “not a democracy.” As Sacco rightly points out, it is taxpayer-funded, and since we’re paying the freight for Landes and the athletics department at the high school, we deserve more than we’re getting here, which is nothing right now.


PUSH: Leader acknowledges error in editorial

Which I pointed out in a posting on the op-ed yesterday about how Staunton had closed down its streets last week for Mark Warner, which included a couple of references to how Warner had been given a ride up a closed street in a Pierce Arrow that never actually happened.

Leader community-conversations editor Cindy Correll Corell acknowledged the error in fact later in the forum.

I’d give them a big thumbs-up if the folks at the paper could have figured out how my first comment ended up getting posted under someone else’s screen name and corrected that error as I was told they would.

Guess we still come out ahead, but by how much, I don’t know.


TODAY’S HOT OR NOT: Enough with Favre already

Either he comes out of retirement, or he doesn’t. Either Green Bay does right by its legendary quarterback, or it doesn’t. I’m so ready to turn to the next page that it’s not even funny.

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