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Winners and Losers: July 21, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham

LOSER: Jim Gilmore and drilling

“Someone has to do something for these people out there.”
Don’t disagree in the slightest. But Jim Gilmore is trying to suggest that drilling in ANRW and offshore elsewhere around the continental U.S. is going to have an immediate impact on what we’re paying at the pump.

Either he has no idea what he’s talking about, or he’s trying to sell us a bill of goods. It’s clear that drilling initiated today won’t have an impact on what we pay at the pumps for several years.

Bottom line – we need to expect more out of someone running for the right to represent us in the United States Senate.


LOSER: Nice try, Norm

I admit it, I was watching on Sunday to see if Greg Norman could take the British Open, which is more than I could say I expected when it was announced that Tiger Woods would miss the rest of the ’08 season due to injury.

Alas, the holes in the TV game of golf were readily apparent even with the short-term boost that the Norman story gave the sport. Because I can’t imagine that golf is going to be so lucky when the PGA comes up in a few weeks – for example, getting a deep run at the title from, say, John Daly or David Duval. And then there’s the whole FedEx Cup fiasco that looms on the horizon. The biennial butt-whuppin’ that is the Ryder Cup will expose more in the way of problems for golf, which is dependent now more than ever on its messiah, and no, I’m not talking about Padraig Harrington.


TODAY’S HOT OR NOT: Been to the movies lately?

Not me. And I haven’t seen nor heard of anything upcoming that makes me want to plunk down my hard-earned, either.

I’ve had my fill of comic-book movies and shoot-’em-up action-adventures and sappy chick flicks really to last a lifetime.

Are you listening, Hollywood?

Of course not. I’ve aged out of the demographic that the execs care about, which is to say, I’m over 19, and I have money to spend.

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