Winners and Losers: Aug. 12, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham

UGH, IT’S STILL OUT THERE: Misleading Gilmore campaign info at another fair

Word has gotten to me that a Gilmore campaign info sheet on the car tax that we shredded apart here last week after picking up a copy at the Augusta County Fair is now on display at the GOP table at the Rockingham County Fair.

I shouldn’t call it misleading on its face, because I’ve checked the numbers on the rebates, and they are accurate. Woefully incomplete would be a good term, since the info sheet doesn’t give any detail on how much it is costing us to give ourselves said rebates.

Funny thing is, I know that the local GOP brass is aware of the issues that I’ve raised.

I’ll turn an old saying on this around to explain my thinking on this, and you’ll understand what I’m getting at, I hope.

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.


SERIOUSLY, IT AIN’T THAT BIG A DEAL: Cool it on the Hillary talk

My GOP friend Mike Hodge updates me every few hours on what the conservative blowhards are saying on the radio, and what he’s had to report back of late has me hoppin’ mad.

Apparently the squawkers are yammering on and on about how they think Hillary is going to cause a ruckus at the convention and maybe challenge Barack Obama for the presidential nomination.

I know what they’re trying to do, namely, cause trouble, but let me put that talk to rest. And no, I don’t have a contact in the Clinton camp to back this up, but thinking logically, does anybody really think Hillary Clinton got to where she is today by tilting Quixote-like at windmills? Because that’s what she’d be doing by showing her ass, pardon my French, at the convention.

The Clintons went from Nowhereville, Ark., to being two of the most powerful people in the world by outsmarting everybody. It ain’t outsmartin’ nobody to raise a loser’s stench at a nationally televised political convention.

They will bide their time, which might very well be 2012, Obama win or loss notwithstanding.


ANGOLA BY 21? USA Basketball eeks forward

I’m getting ready to check the ‘Net for the final of the U.S.-Angola game this morning, and I’m reasoning to myself, You know, they’re not going to run up the score, so it won’t be 70. Fifty, maybe?

I mean, this is Angola we’re talking about.

It was 97-76, y’all.

And the AP story makes it out to be a laugher.


Which isn’t to say that Spain should be all pumped up after having to rally to force OT to beat China today, but still.

Basketball is our sport.

Check that, was our sport.

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