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Winners and Losers: July 17, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham

WINNER: The eaglet we’re reading so much about

I tell you, I’m glad to hear about the now-famous eaglet is recovering from the surgery at the Wildlife Center and all.

But seriously …

Are we that hard-up for anything substantive in the news business that we have to write about this every single frickin’ day?

And we’re wondering why newspapers are on their way out …


TODAY’S HOT OR NOT: Who is Lemon.Lyman?

Don’t know much about the guy (I’m presuming it’s a guy), except that he claims to live in D.C. and work in some sort of policy job. And that he is slightly left of center. And also says a teacher once said of he that “I’m a foot smarter than the rest of the kids in the class.”

I’m still waiting to see evidence of that. I say that because maybe this news hasn’t made its way to the Beltway, but Janice Lee Allen isn’t a Democrat. And Drew Richardson – well, I saw him at the Dem headquarters in Staunton the other day, but I think we can legtimiately question where he’s coming from with his apparent support of Allen and behind-the-scenes sniping at Sixth District Dem nominee Sam Rasoul.

Citing issues with Allen and Richardson as evidence of disharmony in Sixth District Demdom isn’t a foot smarter than the next smartest person in the class. Especially when in the same breath you’re referring to the AFP as the “Augusta Free(dumb) Press.”

Yo, pot, meet kettle.

Can’t have it both ways, man. You can’t bemoan sniping while you’re taking potshots of your own.

There’s some stuff on the blog worth reading, sure. But Lemon’s still got a few inches to go to get to that foot.

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