Will Virginia ever join the NFL?

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Virginia – a state known as the Old Dominion and the Mother of Presidents – holds a crucial place in the fabric of American culture and history. The birthplace of some of the most important events in the founding of the Republic, as well as the home of many of the most important symbols and institutions of American democracy, few would disagree with the notion that Virginia punches well above its weight.

However, despite all of this, Virginia does not have an NFL team, or a team belonging to any major league sport. If you’re wondering why Virginia is not in the NFL and what the odds are of this coming about in the future, read our handy explainer to learn more.

Why no NFL team?

There have been many reasons floated as to why Virginia has never had an NFL team, but the main factors are largely practical ones. Virginia, with a population of only 8 million, would be one of the smallest states in the League.

However, this does not change the fact that much smaller states already have an NFL team. For example, Nevada has the Las Vegas Raiders, despite only having a population of 3 million. This brings us to the next reason why there is no NFL team in Virginia – the lack of a major Metropolitan area. Virginia’s big city is its capital neighbor, located in the District of Columbia.

Within the state of Virginia proper, there are no major population centers that would reasonably warrant an NFL team. In addition, the population of Virginia is incredibly spread out, with the vast majority of the state being divided into medium-sized suburbs. All of this is not conducive to the formation of a well-funded, organized, and tight-knit NFL team.

What are our options?

So, what options do Virginians have when it comes to the Major League? For many of us, the obvious choice is, of course, the Washington Redskins, given that their home stadium is within spitting distance of where most Virginians live. In addition, even a rudimentary glance at the latest NFL predictions will demonstrate why it is not a bad idea to support the Redskins, given their favorable odds for the coming season.

Of course, many Virginians have a complex relationship with the Capitol and their own role in the Beltway, which is why many locals prefer to look South and support teams such as the Carolina Panthers or the Tennessee Titans.

It’s all about college football

Of course, that’s not to say that Virginians are starved of world-class football talent. The main sporting attraction in the state is, of course, college football, with Virginia being home to not one, but two Division I teams. The Virginia Cavaliers of UVA and the Virginia Tech Hokies of VT are leaders in the Atlantic Coast Conference and its players frequently appear in the latest NFL odds for college picks.

The two teams have between them some of the most colorful histories in the entire world of college football, as well as a track record of success that is virtually unparalleled nationwide.

When you have teams like these, who needs the NFL?

Story by Philip Vamius

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