will sting wrestlemania 30 maybe maybe

Will Sting be at WrestleMania 30? Maybe, maybe not …

stingThis is wrestling we’re talking about here, folks, so it can go either way. But Sting will be in New Orleans this weekend, and WrestleMania 30 is in New Orleans this weekend, therefore …

Who knows if Sting will make a surprise cameo appearance at WM30 or not?

We do know this much: Sting is booked for the WrestleCon event in New Orleans this weekend, and F4WOnline.com is reporting that its sources are saying that is all, and that Sting’s transportation to and from the WrestleCon event is being picked up by the organizers of that event, not WWE.

Take that for what it’s worth. Again, this is wrestling we’re talking about here. Jake Roberts was tweeting all weekend leading up to the Old School Raw about how upset he was that he wasn’t invited to be a part of that show, and then he walked out at the end to a huge pop.

Sting making a guest appearance at the end of the Undertaker-Brock Lesnar match to set up a WrestleMania 31 match between ‘Taker and Sting makes a lot of sense, and again, Sting is in town.

It would be more fun if it just happened, and we found out when it happened, as opposed to finding out now and ruining the surprise.

This is wrestling. It’s hard to keep secrets. That’s the other thing.

– Column by Chris Graham


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