Will Hammer: Corporate cronyism on full display by both parties

HAMMER1liteTwo headlines this week concerning elected officials on both sides of the aisle highlight the cronyism inherent within our government.  Bob McDonnell, a Republican, was found guilty on 11 counts of corruption. His Democratic successor, Terry McAuliffe, backed a pipeline through Virginia after receiving $75,000 in campaign donations from Dominion last year.

If we held our elected officials to higher standards nearly all of them would share McDonnell’s fate.  They are all sold to the highest bidder, only looking their corporate backer’s interests . McDonnell isn’t the first Governor to be corrupt, and he won’t be the last as long as candidates continue to be elected from the two major political parties. McAuliffe is not the only elected official to get a donation from Dominion. Dominion also donated $1000 to Emmett Hanger and Creigh Deeds, $1500 to Dickie Bell, $2000 to Ben Cline, and $3500 to Steve Landes.

Whether you elect a Democrat or a Republican, the outcome is going to be the same. Our current crop of politicians in office are going to look out for their corporate interests, they are going to make backroom deals with each other, and they are going to disregard the will and liberties of the American people.  We need to end this vicious cycle, this pendulum of power from Democrat to Republican and back again. These two political parties have a vested interest in keeping  each other in power, knowing the pendulum will swing back in their direction eventually.

If you are fed up with political cronyism, there is an option.  Reject the false left-right paradigm the two major parties have put us in, and vote for a third party candidate.  The election I am running in is a great opportunity to send a message to our leaders in Richmond and in Washington that we have had enough.  You have a choice from one of the two major parties, a Republican. There is no Democrat running in this election.  If you aren’t happy with the status quo in Washington, don’t let this be a de facto election. Make your voice count by voting for a third party candidate.  If elected, lobbyists need not to knock on my door. The only special interest I will serve is you.

Will Hammer is the Libertarian candidate for the House of Representatives in Virginia’s 6th Congressional district. Hammer was born and raised in Staunton, where his family has long resided.


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