Wildlife control: How to control animals going inside your home

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It can be quite tiresome and annoying to have your personal space (home and property) invaded by wild animals. Not all wild animals are savage and beastly. Some look so cute and cuddly, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are intruders. They constitute nuisance by destroying your property. Also, they could cause either physical (biting) or health (transmitting zoonotic diseases) harm to you and your family.

Most times, the main reasons why wild animals decide to live in human homes is to seek warmth, shelter, and food. This is why they mostly visit houses close to wooded areas or areas with clear-cutting activities. One can’t really blame them, given the drastic change in climatic conditions. Humans mostly engineer these severe changes, yet they impact animals even more.

Are wild animals disturbing your Virginia home?  Read on to know how you can curb it.

How To Deter Wild Animals From Intruding Your Home And Property

There are diverse ways to protect your home from wild animal invasion, but you must not harm the animals in the process. Some think that creating traps can be quite helpful in curbing wild animal intrusion, but that’s not exactly true. These could harm the animals, and that isn’t humane. Below are humane ways to control the invasion of wildlife in the home.

  1. Keep Trash Well-Secured

Seeking food, wild animals go round human abodes to sniff out food left in the trash. Once they constantly find food in a dumpster close to your home, they tend to pop in for a visit. To deter these unwanted visitors, you can keep these waste materials in trash cans and have them adequately closed. Better yet, you can keep your trash cans indoors.

  1. Identify And Seal Animal Entry Points

Look around your home and check for possible hiding locations of wild animals. After identifying them, it would be much easier to find methods of sealing them. The likes of foundation vents, roof, attic, treehouse, and chimney are the most susceptible points. Repair damaged ends and fix obstruction nets in areas, such as your chimney.

  1. Make Use Of Animal Repellents

There are so many organic and inorganic animal repellents in the market. Get one that suits your needs. You could spray a repellent on the animal’s most loved area. You could also make use of technological devices, such as sound emitters and motion-activated sprinklers.

Also, you could invite professionals to carry out general fumigation on your property. If you have pets, the use of animal repellents or even fumigation is not exactly advisable. The reason is that your pets are also animals, so the repellents could also affect them. This only means that you need a more humane wildlife control that can only be provided by experts.

  1. Keep Your Environment Neat And Tidy

Keeping your environment neat and tidy is an effective way of shooing wild animals off of your property. This is for the reason that these wild animals are usually more attracted to untidy environments. Don’t leave your pets’ food bowls lying about as these could attract the animals.

  1. Trim Trees And Keep Vegetation Moderate

Cut or trim trees close to your home. Trees and garden areas easily attract wild animals, this is why they should be kept in order every time. Remember that raccoons, frogs, and even snakes could easily hide in them.

  1. Anchor A Sturdy Fence Around Your Property

Depending on the kind of animal disturbing you, you could use a fence to secure your perimeter. The fence would most likely discourage wild animals from invading your space. Make sure the fence is at least five feet above the ground and deeply anchored into the ground. This would discourage the animal from burrowing under the fence or jumping over it.

  1. Don’t Feed Or Play With The Animals

Feeding or playing with the animals would only encourage them to keep coming back. In fact, it could make them come back in larger groups. This could be hard to do, especially if the wild animals in question are cute ones, like rabbits and raccoons. Still, you have to stick to this to discourage them from returning.

  1. Get A Dog

Apart from being great companions, dogs are great at securing the home. They have an incredible ability to sniff out intruding animals. They are also great hunters, so they can easily detect if there are, for instance, snakes lurking around your property.


The methods enumerated above are proven to be effective for controlling the intrusion of wild animals in your home. However, what remains to be the most effective option is seeking the services of professionals. Professional wild animal control service providers ensure your family’s safety, as well as that of the intruding animals.

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