Why your dog needs pet insurance

pet insurance
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Most families across America have at least one form of insurance, whether that is car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, or health insurance.

All of these insurance plans are set in place to protect the customer from having to pay an exorbitant amount of money at once that could ultimately not be afforded by the individual. The items that are chosen to be insured tend to be large personal expenses like the car and home, but also those that are deemed priceless like the health of the family. For health insurance in particular it allows individuals the opportunity to seek care without the thought of the potential costs associated with a treatment or procedure. This allows the treatment of the individual to be put at the forefront rather than the cost of treatment. An often overlooked but integral form of insurance to look at is pet insurance.

Pet insurance just like the health insurance of people allows the treatment of the dog to come first and eliminates the fear of going to the vet for something that could be expensive. Ensuring all of your family is covered including your furry friends allows you more moments of happiness and less time worrying about costs. Below are the reasons your dog needs pet insurance based on their stage of life.


Arguably there is nothing better than bringing home a new puppy as a new member of your family. With all the joy and happiness a puppy brings initially it is important to ensure they are healthy in this vulnerable time. With puppies still getting adjusted to the word around them there can be some issues that arise. Some of the most common can be stomach issues of parasite problems depending on where the puppy was bought. These issues are not only distressing to the puppy and potentially the family that have to see their puppy in discomfort, but are also sometimes difficult to pinpoint. Bringing a puppy into the vet office with digestive issues can get quite expensive quickly and being prepared for this with pet insurance will allow you to get your puppy the care and treatment it needs in a timely and cost efficient manner. Don’t let expensive bills get in the way of ensuring your latest part of the family is happy and healthy.

Puppies are also susceptible to some viruses. With many puppies only being a couple of weeks old many of them do not have the proper protection against viruses. One of the most common and potentially dangerous viruses for a puppy to get is called parvo virus. The virus is spread through direct contact with infected dogs, the feces of dogs who have been infected, or through indirect contact with infected dogs. For this reason it is usually recommended to avoid dog parks and other highly trafficked areas where dogs have been with a new puppy. Most pet insurances will cover portions of preventative care such as vaccines which greatly reduce the risk of having to go through treatments for the illness. Pet insurance is also a peace of mind as the cost of treating parvo can reach over one thousand dollars and having a dedicated pet insurance plan will give you the ability to select the treatment without hesitation.

Full Grown

Full grown dogs still face their share of costs and potential issues however for the most part these years dogs have begun to settle into their new environment and family. One thing that pet insurance provides during these years is peace of mind if something happens that is sudden and emergent. Dogs eating something they aren’t supposed to and possible gastrointestinal problems are things that no pet owner wants to happen but by having pet insurance they are able to prepare for the unexpected. Pet insurance will have your pet receiving the best and most timely care possible in the event of an emergency. Common infections like ear infections are common to breeds with curly and dense coats. Some pet insurances will cover you even outside of the exam room by providing coverage for the prescription your dog needs.

Older Dogs

The older a dog gets the more health related issues that tend to arise. These issues can include cancer, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and severe allergies. These illnesses tend to be things that cannot be solved by a simple procedure or medication. These chronic illnesses are one of the more costly items to deal with and having a pet insurance that covers senior dogs is crucial to ensure your furry friend is receiving the consistent care they need to deal with these chronic issues when they arise.

Overall your dog needs insurance for the same reasons you and every other member of your family need insurance. When the question “How will I afford this?” is removed from the equation, pet owners are able to better focus on what is best for their dog and their health. It allows owners to feel more like the dog is a part of the family and that they deserve the best treatment available without the worry of cost.

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