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Why you should read reviews before choosing your online casino

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Stands to reason in this modern age you would check online or in a magazine for reviews before making a purchase. If you were planning a trip you would look at reviews of hotels and restaurants. Maybe you might read online reviews for local attractions and tourist sites. If you wanted to get a new smart TV or some cookware for instance you would check Amazon or Google for other people’s opinions before sending your credit card details and passing over your hard earned money.

An online casino is no different. In the advent of you playing for free then perhaps the reviews are less important as you can always download another app or try another website and the only thing you are losing is time. However if you are looking to gamble online and use real money then you really want to make sure you sign up to a reputable website that pays out your winnings promptly, has good games, is fair and all run and regulated properly.

Brand name and reputation

You might think that because a casino has a big name linked to an established brick and mortar casino then it must be good. Not necessarily. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t consider brand names you know and love in the real world but you should read the reviews from a bunch of casinos as sometimes the big shark is not always the best. There are many independent online casinos out there that are competing for your buck and they may be offering better customer service and other features that the big boys don’t think are important. Sometimes big companies lose sight of the small things that you hold dear.

Player satisfaction and customer service

One of most important things about reading reviews is that you get to see how other players felt about their experience in the online casino. If you are thinking about going to a traditional land based casino this is just as important to know. Reviewers will write about any problems they encountered but they will also write about how much fun they had or about the great loyalty bonus they receive.

When reading these reviews it isn’t just important to read what the players wrote but also what the customer service department wrote back. All online casinos will have a team of people whose job is to monitor social media and any online interactions with their customers. It is worth reading these to see how much a casino cares about their customers. Sometimes you might come across a bad review that makes you think about not playing on that website but if you look at the response it may change your mind. There are two sides to every story as they say and it is true of reviews too. Sometimes people like to vent online just because something didn’t go their way. The customer is not always right as it turns out.

Online bonuses

Most companies these days are offering some type of bonus. It might be a loyalty bonus or a free weekly bet. There are sign up bonuses and ones for getting your friends and other people to register. But, not all that glitters is gold. Like anything in life it is important to read the small print. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. However there are many great bonuses and offers out there so look at the reviews and see which casino Pariplay kaszinójátékok people are recommending or warning you to stay away from.

Choice of games

Depending on your personal preferences you may just want a casino that has one particular game. Then your decision will be based purely on how well that particular game is implemented. However you may like to play a selection of games and then you could end up spending a lot of time looking at various sites and apps. This another area that reviews come into play. Google has a great review system so that when you search for sites you often get reviews popping up next to the search results. You can also find many websites online telling you which are the best online casinos or gambling sites to check out. You should always make sure these are reputable sites and not just promotional ones for the casinos. You can check this by reading reviews about these reviewers…..only joking. Go for places like Google or social media where you can see it is a real person reviewing the casino.

Bitcoin casinos

If you are considering using a bitcoin casino there are a few things to think about. There are some financial implications if the bitcoin rate changes. Bitcoin fluctuates quickly and sometimes in large amounts. That money you won might suddenly be a lot less than you thought or even deposited but there is one other very important consideration.

Is your casino regulated and safe? Bitcoin casinos are handy for anyone that wants to gamble in cryptocurrency. It is anonymous and safe with no third party handling and processing your card details but it can also be unregulated. All casinos online or land based have to have a gambling licence and each state and country has different laws and legislation. Bitcoin allows companies to circumvent these rules as cryptocurrency is still not recognised as a legitimate form of money or currency, therefore gambling with it is not illegal. This means casinos can spring up, take your bitcoin and then vanish or refuse to pay out winnings.

Look at the reviews before you play in a bitcoin casino. There are many reputable ones where you can feel safe transferring your money and then playing online.

Payments and withdrawals

You are gambling essentially with the hope of winning money so it makes sense you want to know how easy it is to deposit money and withdraw the winnings. Check the casino website for methods of payment to see if they use your preferred way of depositing cash. Then go and search the internet for any praise or problems with the withdrawal process. A lot of websites have chatbots that will help you with taking out your money. You can be guaranteed if there is any problem with getting your winnings then someone has written a review about it.

These are just some things you should consider when looking for an online casino. Take your time, search out the best offers and read the reviews.