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Why you should never buy Instagram likes in 2020

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After Facebook, what would you like to use? Indeed! It will definitely be Instagram. After all, Instagram is the most preferred social networking site being used these days. It offers you many features like posting pictures, tags your friends, shares your locations, etc. Apart from these features, Instagram offers you a fantastic thing which no possible medium might give you, and that is a business account. Since everyone is using Instagram these days, it has become a profitable platform to promote one’s business. You can advertise your business yourself or take help from the following business pages. In this way, you get a chance to connect to more people and let them know about you and the work. In the turn of this connection, you can make your business expand at an undefined speed.

However, while you are promoting your work with the support of other accounts, you might notice numerous likes in their posts, which would meet the number of their followers. Well, this change would seriously blow your mind as to how this can happen. While you post pictures, you get only 50 percent likes of your followers, which would seem to be a wondrous thing to how. However, there is nothing to think much. This happens only when you buy Instagram likes. Although you might not be able to catch the feature of Instagram likes unless you find an account with hundreds of followers and thousands of likes. Hence, while looking after this, you might yourself feel the need for buying these likes rather than promoting your page selflessly in exchange for money, which may provide you the followers after a considerable time gap.

What interests people to buy Instagram likes?

Many famous celebrities and influencers make use of the trick to buy Instagram followers. This indeed leads to a considerable rise in likes on their every post. Further, the famous Instagram meme accounts and various business pages make use of this way to upsurge their equivalents so that they appear to be more famous amongst others. In fact, this encourages young teens to do the same. Even these teens try to gain likes in this way so that they can outstand to be more relaxed and famous in their group.

So to gain more popularity, business accounts and influencers try to learn more fake likes on their posts. It is indeed effortless to buy Instagram likes in 2020. But is it safe to purchase likes in this way? Of course not! Getting through Instagram likes in a fake way can pose a threat to your account in the future.

Why should you not think to buy Instagram likes in 2020?

In the year 2020, almost every child of the world is in Instagram and wants to be a famous personality with no efforts, but money. But, this can lead their account to a bundle of threats. Let’s have a look at them –

  • Get blamed from your rivals buying fake likes

It is quite easy to detect fake likes on Instagram. The ratio of likes to comments or likes to followers has a tremendous difference, which can easily create doubt in everybody’s mind. Usually, the additional likes bought are through fake profiles. These profiles are purposely designed to sell fake likes. Hence, your rivals can easily sue you for buying counterfeit likes, which is against the terms and conditions of Instagram.

  • Instagram can impose restrictions on your account

Just for the sake of security reasons for its popularity, Instagram has started checking up on fake likes, comments, followers, and accounts, just like other social networking sites. The third-party apps keep a check on phony accounts, and if you violate Instagram’s guidelines, it would indicate an alarm to those websites, and you can face deadly consequences. If you do it repeatedly, your account can be shadow-banned or completely banned, and you will be left with a blocked IP address, which will prevent you from engaging in Instagram again in the future.

  • Your fake likes won’t let you earn money

Buying fake likes can only help in gaining a little popularity and nothing else. It will not increase your real buyers. Your buyers will be enhanced through your marketing strategies and your products. So it might just look good in appearance that you have so many likes. But in reality, you aren’t earning anything.

Apart from this, you will not be able to measure whether your real Instagram followers like your stuff or not. You will not know whether your real-life audience is connecting to your products or not. If you have real connections with the audience, they will spread a word about your page. It will fetch you to more viewers and ultimately lead to a path for more profitable results. Furthermore, Instagram also focuses on your engagements, it has nothing to do with your likes.

  • Your engagements will never be real

As you know that you will be offered likes from fake profiles, so no company would like to work with you if you are an influencer. After all, they will be checking your profile and gather the necessary information regarding your success.

  • It will portray a bad image of yours

If your account looks questionable, there will be questions raised against your personality, as well as your account. People might assume you to be a traitor in your other business engagements as well. You can be bombarded with questions in this way, so be prepared for that.


So, we hope that this article will let you prepare a perfect image regarding your choice to buy Instagram likes or not. It is not difficult to purchase these likes, but you must be aware of the consequences which you have to deal with it. You can definitely buy them if you feel the need to promote your account or page on an urgent basis. It can indeed help you to improve your page to a certain extent, but then it will follow some adverse effects in the long run. Therefore, make a smart choice as per your requirement.

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