Why you need to have a fruit tree in your garden

fruit tree
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Having a garden in the front yard or the balcony is always beneficial for you and the environment. You should not forget to add a fruit tree in your garden along with the other plant varieties. As you choose your favorite fruits, you can find out more about their values and uses in your life. This is because a fruit tree will always offer you plenty of benefits and add a shine to your property.

Besides, if you have the right knowledge about fruit trees’ benefits and functions, you will be inspired to work effectively on the fruit project you are about to start. The project will also become a worthwhile investment of your energy, time, and money. In this article, we have arrayed some of the reasons you need a fruit tree in your garden.

It is a source of food

The most popular reason for adding a fruit tree in your garden is that it is the source of food. This is a personal benefit that fruits trees have to offer you. You will enjoy the rewards after generating the first harvest from this tree. Additionally, eating tree-ripened fruit from your garden gives a far more superior taste than those you buy from the grocery. Besides, growing the fruit tree of your choice means that you have new varieties of fruits that are not easy to find in the market.

For instance, pawpaw fruits are delicious types of fruits that aren’t viable for retail as fresh fruits. Hence, if you need them, you can grow them yourself and enjoy the fruit produce that is fresh and tasty. You can also preserve these fruits to eat later. Plus, you will save an ample amount of money as you are no longer going to the grocery for buying the fruits.

A wildlife habitat 

When you add perennials to your garden, it adds to good wildlife habitat. If you love watching birds and butterflies, you will love how they fill around your landscape. The fruit trees also attract beneficial insects that help with free organic pest management. Thus, when you have fruit trees, they create a space for a thriving ecosystem beneficial to the environment.

Not only will the fruit trees offer shelter to the wildlife, but also the fruits, seeds, and nectar. If you have varieties of fruit trees, it will become a potential area for the animals to get attracted to your site. If you live in urban areas, it will become challenging to attract different range of animals due to the limited space. Nonetheless, the smaller creatures will enjoy the accommodation that is available for them.

Its functional value 

Fruit trees serve various functions when you place them appropriately together with the shrubs on your lot. They are beneficial because of the functional value they offer. For instance, when you plan to have a perimeter placement for your fruit trees, they help create privacy if you live in an urban or suburban setting. When you have your fruit trees on the sunny side of your property, they become beneficial during the hot summer months because of the shade.

This way, you will save some money because there will be lower expenses for the cooling system. Trees are great windbreakers too. So, with this functional value, you will yield a property that is inviting and pleasant, regardless of the climatic and urban challenges.

Its aesthetic value 

Another personal benefit of having fruit trees is their aesthetic value. When you have various fruit trees, shrubs, and vines placed in your landscape, they create a gorgeous view in your landscape. For instance, imagine the gnarled and twisted branches of a mulberry tree at the center of your landscape. Wouldn’t it look breathtaking? You can also add other fruit trees like the persimmon that gives an ornamental appearance of lush and glossy leaves. Besides, you can also try growing other fruit trees like peaches and cherries as they give lovely flowers in spring.

Carbon sequestration 

One of the best environmental benefits that fruit trees offer is carbon sequestration. Along with all the plants, fruit trees also sequester a certain amount of carbon. For instance, when plants live and grow, the trees capture the air’s carbon dioxide and use it in their plant parts. Once they develop a healthy root system, they lock the carbon into the soil.

If you consider the big trees, they can amass large chunks of carbon and purify the air. So, when you add the fruit trees to your landscape, you will perform an environmentally-friendly action. Although it cannot reverse climate change with the few trees in your garden, it will be a step in the right direction of curing nature.

Increased property value 

In addition to enhancing your property, the fruit trees also help in increasing the property value. Your fruit trees’ functional significance has a great advantage in the short term, but they have an even more significant advantage in the long run. For instance, consider that if you end up selling your home and need to move somewhere, will you lose the investment that you put in with the landscape that you have? When you have residential space, realtors observe that if it has trees, it is appraised at a high value. Contrarily, a treeless lot can affect your property value. So, if you have healthy and mature trees, you can sell it at a high percentage and get a good profit.

Natural soil enhancement

One way it helps with soil enhancement is through erosion control. Many areas are losing the topsoil at a high rate. Therefore, when you add fruit trees to your garden, they create a good and long term erosion control strategy. These trees also help with soil building as they restore and improve the soil quality once they begin to mature. Through nitrogen fixation, trees offer an additional enhancement to the soil. An example of nitrogen-fixing plants is the sea berry. It hosts bacteria that capture nitrogen from the air and store it in the ground. Then, it uses it in the plant. Therefore, it works as a great natural soil enhancer.

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