Why you need a personal trainer, and how much they are

Personal trainersPersonal trainers are becoming more and more popular over the years, especially around summer time, as everyone wants that “summer body.” Here is a list on why exactly you need a personal trainer and how much you should be paying.

1. They help you set realistic goals

One of the best reasons personal trainers are so good, they set you realistic goals. For example, if you go to gym expecting to get your perfect body with 2 weeks, then you’re going to learn the hard way that is not going to happen. Personal trainers will give you a set plan, including a diet plan, cardio plan and weight plan. Discovery Learning have some of the best personal trainers around, they know what they are talking about.

2. They can help you with specific goals

Your personal trainer can also help you prepare for specific goals. For example, if you need to be in peak physical condition for an event like a marathon or triathlon they can help you with just that. Or if you would like to complete some of things on your bucket list like skydiving. Personal trainers can help you lose enough weight so you can do that.

3. They don’t just help with fitness

When people say “personal trainer” everyone automatically thinks that they only help you with your fitness. But this is not always true, they also handle the nutrition part. What this means is that they make sure you are eating all of the right things. They are also an “unofficial Therapist” because if you hire a personal trainer it may be because you are self-conscious with your body and want a change. Personal trainers can really help you with this.

4. How much is a personal trainer?

Personal trainers can cost anything from £30 to £65, obviously based on how experienced they are and location. For example, if you hire a personal trainer in London it will be above average starting at around £40 per session. If you’re thing about investing into a personal trainer, something to take under consideration is the food budget. You will be spending much more on food now you are using more natural ingredients.

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