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Why you might want to go with capsules when first exploring CBD edibles

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For those looking to ease into the world of CBD supplements, edibles are an excellent way to do so. CBD edibles often look and taste just like regular foods and snacks, making them a much more attractive option than, for example, CBD oil drops.

CBD edibles come in many forms, including infused candies and CBD-soaked coffee beans. One of the major attractions of CBD edibles is that they are super discreet and quick to use. It’s not only CBD edibles that offer this level of convenience, though. CBD capsules provide many of the same benefits when it comes to timing saving and ease of use.

CBD capsules are also worth considering when first exploring CBD edibles because the two options share many popular features. So, what are the many differences between these two types of CBD?

What are CBD edibles, and why are they so popular?

CBD edibles describe food that has been infused with CBD. There is a wide range of options, including baked goods, candies, drinks, and fruits.

The main benefit of choosing CBD edibles is that they are incredibly discreet. Most edibles look and taste just like their CBD-free counterparts, making it look like you are simply just enjoying a tasty snack.

Another significant benefit of CBD edibles is that they contain a premeasured quantity of CBD. Many CBD products, such as oils and topicals, require you to measure out your own dosage with each use. There is less room for error with products such as CBD gummies, where you know that each one contains a set amount of CBD.

There have been a number of studies showing CBD supplements to be at their most effective when taken consistently. Therefore, options such as edibles, which contain precise amounts of CBD, allow you to ensure a consistent intake easily.

What are CBD capsules?

CBD capsules allow you to consume CBD in capsules form for a super quick and convenient way to take your daily supplements. There are a few options when it comes to choosing CBD capsules, including gel capsules, CBD pills, and chewy capsules.

Capsules can be made using as little as three ingredients, leading to them being considered one of the most natural ways to consume CBD. Each brand has its own formula for manufacturing capsules, which may vary depending on the type of capsule.

Pills are easy to use and can be consumed just like any other supplement or medical capsule.

Why might CBD capsules be a good alternative?

CBD capsules are considered an excellent alternative to CBD oil drops. They tend to contain very similar ingredients. However, people have begun to look to CBD capsules as an alternative to CBD edibles. The two products feature many of the same benefits and can even be used alongside each other.

Just like CBD edibles, CBD capsules are extremely discreet, meaning that they can be used in situations where you would not feel as comfortable pulling out a CBD oil tincture. CBD capsules might be a good alternative if you are someone who needs the discretion of edibles but also wants to cut back on snacking and the calories that many edibles contain.

CBD edibles save you valuable time each day as you do not have to worry about measuring out oils or applying topicals. The best CBD capsules can save you even more time, as they can be quickly consumed in less than a minute. Some edibles, however, are snacks that require you to eat them over the course of several minutes.

Deciding between CBD capsules and CBD edibles

Both CBD edibles and CBD capsules are great options if you are looking for a quick, simple, and discreet CBD solution. The main difference between the two mainly comes down to the way that they are consumed. For those that want maximum convenience, capsules are probably the right way to go.

However, if you enjoy snacking throughout the day, CBD edibles might be worth considering.

No matter which option you choose, make sure to head over to WayofLeaf to learn how you can spot the best CBD products and ensure that you get the most out of your CBD supplements.

Story by Kayla Burns. Kayla Burns’ passion for learning all about CBD and the cannabis industry began when she first studied Nutrition and Dietetics at Central Michigan University. Over the last few years, Kayla has split her time between sharing her knowledge of CBD through all of her articles on WayofLeaf and devoting her time to educating people about the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

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