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Why small business owners need a personal brand

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Starting a successful small business is an incredibly complex undertaking. Indeed, from staffing decisions, to investing in the right technology, to product development, and customer service –– a modern day business leader has to understand a myriad of different concepts to make a new company viable. Of course, marketing plays a major role in this process as well. Yet, the best entrepreneurs don’t just focus on building a brand for their business. Rather, developing a personal brand too can be massively beneficial. Here are four reasons why:

Client Acquisition

It’s no secret that consumers trust people, places, and ideas that they’re familiar with. It’s one of the reasons why brand loyalty programs are so effective. Given that fact, business owners can boost their company’s ability to land clients in their field by bolstering their own personal profile. If a potential client sees you speak at a conference, or reads an article you’ve written for a professional website, they’re more likely to trust you and your company than a business they’ve never heard of before.

Cross-Promotional Opportunities

While new business owners might not have much of a professional reputation yet, entrepreneurs who are involved in three or four companies at once should take advantage of their clout in their industry. In fact, savvy business owners can use their personal brand to promote multiple organizations at once. Again, if you’ve managed to cultivate a loyal following once, you shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself forward more in the future.

New Connections

Even if boosting your personal brand doesn’t directly lead to new customers, it doesn’t mean the effort is wasted. In fact, business owners who promote themselves through online content, published works, and conferences are much more likely to garner meaningful connections with other professionals in their field. Never underestimate the power of having friends at other companies. They could be able to provide help if your business ever needs advice or assistance.

More Exposure Means More Revenue

As mentioned above, having a higher personal profile will help business owners court new clients. Additionally, becoming a more well-respected member of your community will also encourage client retention. Plus, talented professionals will be motivated to work with you when job openings become available. In short, growing a personal brand can lead to an accumulation of advantages that lead to more revenue. From there, you’ll just need to figure out how to manage that extra capital. (Note, a company like Helm Financial can help business owners do just that.) Regardless of your industry or experience level, a personal brand can help business owners generate positive buzz for their company.