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Why selling a home quickly is important: A view of what buyers want

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Other than the housing-led Great Recession of 2008, most recent studies find that the economy does not harm the housing market. A survey done by the National Association of Realtors reveals that the average time a home was on the market for 27 days, compared to 11 weeks in 2012.

Professionals advise to hold onto homes until it is the right time to sell, but in messy divorces and financial difficulties, selling quickly is necessary. Whatever the case may be, selling fast will bring peace of mind and save time spent doing open house tours.

Individual Investors

Possibly one of the fastest methods listed is cash home buyers. They are companies that can buy homes without charging realtor fees or closing costs. These companies eliminate the hassle and time spent during the process of selling a home.

Fast cash is beneficial if the home is in dire need of repairs. Cash buyers often purchase houses in any condition and waiver any inspections and appraisals that are included in normal house sales.

Appearance is Everything

When trying to sell your house fast for cash, the look of the house is essential. Small changes can be made to make a home appear more welcoming, thereby spending less time sitting on the market. Buyers will be on the lookout for all of these factors in the modern real-estate environment.

Make a Good First Impression

When it comes to selling a home, everyone can agree on one thing: curb appeal matters. Make sure the front door, mailbox, and house numbers are in good condition. Leave a good first impression by doing landscape and adding a fresh paint job.

Using natural or artificial lighting is one of the easiest ways to showcase a property. Well-lit rooms make for great tours and photos for the listing. Leave the lights on in case of buyers tour the property with an agent, and keep the outdoor lights on in case they drive by at night.

Depersonalize the Home

Buyers want to visualize the home as theirs, so sellers should remove any personal items like family photos or memorabilia. Neutral artwork can be left behind.

If there is any bright paint or quirky wallpaper, it should be replaced with a neutral color scheme. Buyers can envision any personal touches they may want to add. The home needs to be impartial to the tastes of anyone that may be interested.

Remove Excess Furniture and Clutter

Take a minimalistic approach – less is better. Remove as many items as possible for a cleaner and larger looking home. It is easier to clean in between tours, and it also gives a chance to showcase the ample storage space.

Post Real Estate Listings Online

According to the National Association of Realtors, 44% of prospective buyers started their house hunting online. Homebuyers rarely began searching for homes through a realtor first. A home’s online presence is the key factor in whether prospective buyers will consider taking a tour.

Hire a professional real estate photographer to take at least 30 photos of the home, inside and out. The majority of online home searches are done on mobile phones, so the images must show as high quality on a smartphone.

If the seller is selling the property through a real estate broker, photography is often included as part of the marketing. Either way, the buyer needs to see clear, beautiful photos of the home before they consider a tour.

Have A Set Property Value

A common misconception made among home sellers is setting the price too high in the beginning. Sellers expect prospective buyers haggle for a lower price. The truth is, buyers will assume the property is not within their budget and scroll past the listing instead.

Setting the value too high in the beginning can make the home remain on the market longer, even if the seller lowers it afterward. If the buyers see that the price was lowered, they will think something is wrong with it.

Increase Touring Availability

Buyers are more likely to take a tour of homes within their schedule. People want to be able to tour in a home as soon as they see it online, especially if they feel that they are competing with other buyers.

If a tour has limited availability times, buyers may move on to the next home for viewing. If the seller does increase touring hours, it is important to be ready for those times to prevent them from visiting during cleaning or other services.

The Final Word

Panelists are conflicted on what to expect from the housing market in the next few years. Homeowners who can afford the wait, should. Those who sell now can benefit from it because the risk is low compared to waiting for the unknown future.

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