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Why polygal is used in building and construction projects?

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The polygal tide is so strong—beating other construction materials to submission. But why the hype? Is it the new cedar in town?  Have you seen those pavilions featuring pink as well as pop-up colors? What about those buildings that have made it to the top courtesy of glowing walls of art galleries? What makes such buildings unique?

Well, its polycarbonate. Once reserved for green-housing and ancient roofs, polygal is quickly breaking the ranks to become a super modern material. Besides its aesthetic properties (which should automatically elevate your project), polygal comes with an array of benefits—a reason why most architects are dancing to its tune. Keep reading to understand why you should seriously think about investing in polygal.

Easy to Bend

As a thermoplastic, polygal can easily be bent. Thus, you can form different shapes and structures from them. For instance, you can cold bend it on the construction site to yield curved surfaces. Since it’s a thermoplastic material, heating, cooling, and reheating can be achieved without resulting in any degradation. This makes polycarbonate a 100 percent recyclable.

Shock and Fracture Resistant

Polygal sheet has a high impact resistance e than ordinary glass. This makes it ideal for projects that involve a lot of movements and installations. When incorporated in projects, polygal can help buildings become resistant to impacts like falling branches, hail, as well as other objects. Even more, polygal doesn’t become brittle as time goes by. The best part: Polygal comes with powerful shock and resistance properties—eliminating the need to undergo those expensive repair as well as maintenance costs.


When it comes to structural design, weight is important. Most structures want materials that are lightweight. And that’s what polygala offers. The density of polygal is about 1200kg/m3( that of glass is 2800 kg/m3), making it an ideal solution for most structural design projects. The roofing and cladding elements don’t have unnecessary dead weight –which further reduces structural members as well as foundations. This saves space and even money. This also impacts manual handling—since the weight has been significantly been reduced. Thus, it is easy and safer to transport and lift polygal—especially during building and construction projects.

Good Insulation Properties

The thermal insulation property of polygal makes it a popular option when it comes to cladding as well as roofing solutions.

Light Transmission

Polygal is transparent—a property that can benefit a number of construction projects. Even more, polygal products are treated to resist UV rays. Thus, you don’t have to worry about UV radiation. This plays a key role in extending its life. In a nutshell, polygala is a product with a myriad of positive properties for all your construction projects. Get your product from

The Bottom-Line

Polygal is the newest trend in the construction industry. It comes with a myriad of benefits—including versatility, durability, and aesthetics. So, if these are the properties you are looking in construction material, invest in polygal. It won’t disappoint you!

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