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Why photographers should follow photography magazines?

As you all know, camera technology is evolving every day. Nowadays, we see cameras with higher megapixels and fast autofocusing capabilities. One year back, DSLR cameras were the popular camera technology in the market. Now, it is getting replaced by the emerging mirrorless market.

So, as a photographer, you should know these advancements in the camera field. The best way to get this information is through photography magazines. I will share five reasons to follow a photography magazine.

1. Photography Tips & Learnings

Photo Credit: surpasspro

As a photographer, your learning should never stop. It is an excellent practice to learn something new daily. Photography magazines come with photography tips from the experts. These tips will be handy for you in the field.

The magazine covers different types of photography in their different editions. Some are monthly and some weekly. You can also learn about the photo editing process and the software to be used. Most of the amateur photographers find it difficult to use the post-processing software initially. You can make use of the useful tutorials from these magazines.

Some magazines even give tips to improve the business side of photography. It would be very useful if you are planning to take it up as your career.

2. Camera and Lens Reviews

All photography magazines will have a camera and lens review section. The camera experts in their team will test and review the new camera and lens on the field. They will share the sample images and the performance along with their verdict. It will help you to choose your new gear if you are planning an upgrade.

Most of them also cover reviews about accessories like Tripod, tripod head, camera bag, and photo editing software reviews. So, reviews about all the latest camera gears will be present in the magazine.

3. Photo Reviews

You can see the reader photos getting reviewed by the photo experts. Thus, you will come to know what went wrong in the picture and how to improve it. So, next time, when you are doing photography, you can avoid these mistakes.

You can even send your pictures to get it reviewed.

4. Photography News

Photography magazines are a good source of photography and camera-related news. No one else covers it better than a magazine.

You will come to know the details of the latest photo book release, announcements from camera and camera accessories manufacturers. It will give you an idea of what new things are coming into the market.

5. Photography Competitions

All the details of good photography competitions will be shared in photography magazines. So, it makes it easy for you to apply to these competitions.

Certain photography magazines conduct their photo competition. You can participate in these competitions to get more exposure.


So, now you know, how you can put a photography magazine to good use. You can find many in the market, but I recommend to go only with the best photography magazines.

Too many magazines lead to too many opinions, which can be a disaster. So, choose wisely. But, it is a good practice to follow more than one magazine. So, you can go for three or four magazines.