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Why pets are just as important as children

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For animal lovers, life is always better with a pet. When you come home your house is less empty and full of love. Of course it is not the same as having children of your own, but there are a lot of similarities and benefits that come with pet parenting. A lot of animal lovers think that their pets are just as important as their children.

A lot of young adults are passing on the idea of having kids and turning to pets instead. With the cost of living being so high compared to the wages that the average person is making, most people can’t afford to raise children just yet. This doesn’t mean they don’t have the natural urge to nurture. Instead they turn that love to animals and adopt a pet.

Pets can make some of the best companions that you’ll ever meet. They’re loyal and genuinely just want their owners to be happy. Having a pet provides a person with a certain amount of stress relief because no matter how rough the day was, they always have a loving furball who’s happy to see them. That’s enough to make any animal lover smile. Other than providing an unlimited amount of love, there’s a couple more things animals do for us that make them just as important as children.

Pets can keep you fit and healthy. Do you often find yourself get cozy on the couch, thinking “I’ll start working out tomorrow” day after day? When tomorrow comes, you find an excuse to avoid the exercise it put it off for another day in a row. Having a pet is the perfect way to break that chain. Whether you want a cat or a dog, they will help keep you fit.

With a dog, it’s impossible to skip out on exercise. They have a lot of energy and they need to run just like you need caffiene first thing in the morning to function. A dog needs to be walked every single day in order to stay happy and healthy. They’re the cutest personal trainer you will ever have.

Cats don’t require daily walks, but they do love to play. They have a lot more fun when their owner makes time to play with them. Every cat is different with their favorite toys to play with, some even makes games with their humans without toys.

Pets can also be great teachers for children. Since children love animals they may be more enthusiastic with helping to take care of their furry friend then they would be with other chores around the house. Teach your children responsibility by teaching them about feeding times and walking schedules.

Even though having a pet isn’t the same as parenting, they still hold an important role in our lives. Our pets are family and deserve to be treated that way. They have rightfully earned a spot in your family photo. I know what you’re probably thinking, “How do I get my pet to stay still for a photo shoot?”

Maybe instead of bringing them along to your family photo shoot, you could show your love by putting their face on a realistic pet painting. Getting a painting made from your favorite picture of your pet can liven up any room in your home. It’s the best way to showcase your furry friend’s playful personality and adorable face.

Your pets are just as important as children. They provide unconditional love their whole life. Having a pet is a huge responsibility, but their love makes it all worth it.


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