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Why oil is so important

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Whether some people care to admit it, oil has served as the life blood for all of the world’s most powerful nations in the world since the dawning of the industrial revolution. It is not hyperbolic to say that oil has become the underpin of modern society.

The reasons are clear. Not only does oil and fossil fuels supply energy to the power industry, heat holds, provide fuel for nearly all vehicles both private and commercial, but it also offers thousands upon thousands of jobs the world over.

There’s a lot more that oil does for the world as well, however. It has benefited our lives in countless ways and is vital when it comes to the productions of everyday essential items such as plastics, fertilizers, detergents, paints, medicines, and the production of chemical products.

Here is the breakdown of how oil and fossil fuels are used today:

  • The auto industry and road transport use 57 percent of the world’s oil
  • Air transport claims 18 percent of the world’s oil
  • Chemical feedstocks use 10 percent of the world’s oil
  • Industry utilizes seven percent of the world’s oil
  • The remaining eight percent it used by miscellaneous needs and industries

Beyond the obvious, here is a fascinating list of what we need oil for on a daily basis:

  1. The rulers, crayons, ink cartridges, glue, book covers and more that we use at school, work and beyond are dependent on oil for production.
  2. Coating for pills, binding agents for creams and disposable syringes used in the healthcare industry throughout the world are all depending on oil for production.
  3. When it comes to the home, there are countless products that you use on a daily basis that owe themselves to the oil industry. Products such as contact lenses, clothing fabrics, cosmetics, deodorants, shampoo, upholstery and carpets, as well as laundry detergent all need oil to be products. In the kitchen, you will also be using products that are created using oil, such as non-stick pans, saran wrap, and storage containers. Outside in your beloved lawn on garden, oil is needed to create fertilizers and pesticides as well as run your lawn mower and leaf blower.
  4. If you are building a new house, you can thank oil for the roofing tiles you will use, pipes, insulating material, and paint.
  5. Of course the entire world of cars are dependent on oil. Even electric cars are dependent on oil when it comes to design and production. Beyond that, oil and diesel fuel are used for both cars and trucks. On top of that, emergency vehicles such as firetrucks and ambulances require pol, as do trains.
  6. Computer hardware, phones and cell phones, as well as pens, chairs, and printing ink that is used in your work office are dependent on oil for production.
  7. Finally, a lot of the most popular leisurely activities also are dependent on oil. Digital cameras, smart phones, bicycles, sneakers, gaming counsels, and more all owe their production to oil.

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