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Why network security is crucial to running a successful business

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Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Massive amounts of sensitive data get transferred between computing devices every day. These devices are interlinked through a system of networks and data transfer systems.

Unfortunately, with hackers continuously looking for potential vulnerabilities, a lot of personal, corporate, and government information is at risk. Data breaches of varying severities are common around the world. There were 1,001 data breach cases in 2019 alone in the U.S.

For these reasons, it is very crucial that every aspect of online information is secure. Here are a few reasons why network security is so important for business in today’s digital era. And additional information on unikernels systems.

1. Protect shared data

Suppose you’re a business that stores sensitive shared data from your clients such as financial details, medical history, or social security numbers. In that case, you must take the proper precautions to protect the data.

If you use an unsecured network and end up being the victim of a data leak, your business will be liable for any damages caused. It’s a big responsibility that can easily be avoided by implementing the proper data security systems.

2. Comply with legal regulations

Depending on your industry, you might need to adhere to regulatory compliance policies. Regulatory agencies and authorities enforce. Compliance to ensure shared data is secure from exfiltration.

For instance, private equity firms and financial institutions must abide by SEC regulations while medical enterprises fall under HITECH and HIPAA.

3. Protect your computers from ransomware

While most cyberattacks can be challenging for any business to deal with, ransomware can be incredibly detrimental.

It may be true that the larger the business, the bigger a target it is for hackers. But this doesn’t mean small and medium-sized businesses from risk. As per the Coveware Quarterly Ransomware Report, the average cost of a ransomware attack cost $200,000 in 2020.

This can put a heavy strain on a business’s resources, especially if it’s a small enterprise or it’s in its startup phase.

4. Protect the name of your brand

If you want to strengthen the trust of your existing and potential customers, you need to make sure you invest in network security.

A study found that consumer perception is likely to take a severe dip if companies experience data breaches or poorly manage them. Thanks to the internet, negative consumer perception about a company can have far-reaching consequences more than they realize.

5. Financial implications can be disastrous

The events following a cyber-attack are never easy for any business. A lot of money and time is spent to mitigate a crisis. Companies spend money on crisis communications to clients and stakeholders as well as upgrading their security.

If you don’t have the capital for such expenses, you could find your business in financial tragedy. But investing in an efficient network security system beforehand will protect you from incurring heavy and unnecessary expenses.

Consider using unikernels to improve your network security

A secure network involves a combination of systems that prevent unauthorized users from accessing the network. Network security specialists use highly complex software and hardware tools and strategies to create a secure network.

One of the tools a business should consider leveraging is unikernels. Unikernels are single-process systems that operate in a single address space. Unikernels help businesses improve scalability, performance, and security.

Unikernels are used to separate a system’s functions. This limits the effect of a data breach to the component affected instead of the entire business system.

Any company that’s serious about its security should consider using unikernels which are conveniently enough, coming of age.

Story by Brad Bernanke 

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