Why medications can have negative side effects

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The medical world faces an interesting complex. For all the health issues that people face, there is a whole range of medications that have been designed to help people cope. But the paradox is that often these medications cause additional negative effects on our health and body.

Even said that research is showing medication often depletes essential nutrients from our body, meaning that we no longer have important vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy!

Side effects from medication mainly happens when the medication overcompensates for alleviating the issue it is currently trying to solve. There is a whole range of negative side effects, you should be aware of when considering taking medication to help alleviate any medical issues.

Of course, this goes without saying that medication can have many positive impacts on people’s lives, and research over the years have proven just that! However, it is important you have all the facts and know other possible negative effects you could face so that you can be prepared and take action in minimizing those side effects.

Just to be clear, we talk about negative side effects, it is something that occurs in your body that the medication was not intended to produce, for a whole range of reasons, it has.

Here are the main reasons why medication can have a negative side effects on your body.

  • The dosage you have taken of the medication is incorrect and needs to be altered
  • Your body does not take well to the ingredients in the medication, such as an allergic reaction
  • The medication goes overboard and kills the good cells in your body as well that we healthy
  • The combination of medication you are taking do not compliment eachother

These reasons stated are a bit complicated, so we will deep dive into these scenarios that can occur that produce negative side effects from taking medication and explain why they occur

  1. Drug on drug combos

When you are taking two different types of medication, you risk having the medications battle against each other. For instance, if you are taking medication for your acne and then take medication for cancer, the two medications could collide in a catastrophic way. That is because both medications are trying to accomplish something different in the body, and neither was designed to have to co-exist with the other. This is why it is important to be super detailed with your doctor on your medical history and current medications you are taking, even if it seems non applicable to the current situation. You honestly can’t be too safe with this!

  1. Drug on food combos

This one can happen all too often for people, simply because they don’t realize the reactions food can have with their medicine. There are some medications that can not sit well with any food at all. And then there are other medications that need particular food taken at the same time to ensure it works in the system. Talk to your doctor about what nutrition steps you need to take when being prescribed medication for your health. It would not be fun having an upset stomach because your medications and food you ingested did not complement one another.

  1. Drugs going overboard in the body

Sometimes medication is just too good at its job. This means that for reasons that the doctor who prescribed your medication was not aware of, the medication went overkill on the system and is killing both the good and the bad in your body. This is most common during cancer treatment when chemotherapy kills all your cells, not just those that are infected. If you find that your medication is having an adverse impact on your body, talk to your doctor to see if the dosage level could be altered to alleviate the overboard effort.

While medications will likely cause uncomfortable side effects in people that range from mild skin rashes and dry mouth to extreme cases of abnormal heart rhythms and internal bleeding, the negative side effects can be minimized through a range of strategies that even include taking vitamins and formulas to keep your body extra strong.

Negative side effects of medication are never fun to deal with, and something that does scare a lot of people. The whole point of medication is to make you feel better and help heal whatever is wrong with your body. So the thought of things getting even worse for patients is a great concern for many.

That is why these natural solutions that can be taken in parallel with medication are so revolutionary to the health care industry. It means that people can take the medication they need without becoming depleted of important vitamins, they will be nourished enough to offset any negative side effects. They and they will increase the chances of the medication really being able to do the job it was designed to do!

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