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Why is violence the scourge of the modern world?

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We are witnessing an increase in violence in our communities, our schools, and even on social media, so we cannot help but wonder what is happening with our culture? Is violence in our life becoming a norm, just another form of entertainment, a reality show that we are all so accustomed to? Maybe we became too numb from all those gory movies or reports of mass shootings in our schools, or perhaps this issue stretches much deeper than we think. Whether we like it or not, we are clearly obsessed with violence and our popular culture is a reflection of that trend. The consequences of us ignoring this issue can be seen in school violence proliferation all over the country.

It all starts with proper education

Each family is a basic cell of our community and we certainly soak up social norms or family values from our parents. Dysfunctional families where alcohol or drug abuse is mixed with poverty and unemployment are a breeding ground for violence to occur. Reading some free essays on violence can help you understand these problems better and see the connection between social issues and the rise of violence in our communities. It all continues in your school, where each student can be subjected to bullying, personality degradation, or poor education that does more harm than good. In such an environment, with no space for personal growth or a chance for forming a strong connection with others exists, one can easily turn into an individual full of resentment for a whole society.

If these causes are not identified or dealt with, they serve as a trigger for all types of school violence that we encounter today. Bullying is just the tip of the iceberg as today’s social media gave rise to cyberbullying, trolling, or cancel culture. University students can also be mistreated by their teacher, or experience class shaming or corporal punishment. All this can have severe consequences to a student’s psyche and lead to bursts of violent behavior. The most devastating form of this scourge is mass shooting events in our schools.

Understanding gun control issues

There are more gun stores in the world than McDonald’s restaurants. Some argue that our right to bear arms and defend is sacred and that gun availability has nothing to do with mass shootings. Studies say otherwise as there seems to be a correlation between mass shootings and gun control that we need to understand. While others blame violent video games or gory movies, it is clear that violent ideas cannot be put into practice if weapons are not easily available. We need to acknowledge how gun control reduce mass shootings or otherwise we will continue running in circles without solving this problem.

We all remember the Columbine High School shootings, but these types of incidents are occurring in countries other than the U.S. If a student brings his gun in school, it is because that gun was easily available. We can talk about bullying or other forms of molestation but if someone has a gun for solving his problems, he won’t be looking for any other less violent solution. It is about the availability more than his willingness to use it. Making each school a gun-free zone may have some positive impact on solving this issue plus it will make parents and students feel safer and protected.


We need to take this problem seriously for the sake of our children. As we try to make our world a better place, violence seems to be a scourge that threatens to undermine our efforts. Implementing strict gun control is just the beginning as we need to end cyberbullying and every form of discrimination. It is also important to make schools a comfortable environment where students feel safe and help each student battle inappropriate harassment. Only then will we make some progress in this area and make our world a better place.

Story by Harry Butler

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