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Why is it hard to get out of your timeshare

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You always dreaded this time, but now that it’s here, you can’t back-out. You are close to getting broke, and these timeshare companies won’t stop asking for their fancy money. Little do you know, these timeshare companies have always been like this; toxic friends who keep assuming you’re doing good and never actually asking if it’s going well or not.

To your surprise, you’re not the first person who regrets their decision. Almost 15% of timeshare owners have encountered such times, wondering if they could get out of this timeshare?

The answer to this question is YES, but the process can be frustrating, unlike the pleasant time you had with these companies when buying the timeshare. You might end up getting sugar-coated threats of legal actions against your wish; “Virginia timeshare cancellation” or maybe Florida it is.

Timeshares/vacation clubs

The sales pitch might lure you in timeshares, but vacation clubs might help you have a good time as well. Why do I say this? Imagine being the “owner” of a property versus being a “member” of the property. So, your Virginia timeshare cancellation might be strenuous than a Virginia vacation club cancellation.

How do I get rid of this?

Well, there are several ways.

1. The recession period: The period was written on your contract that allows you to cancel your timeshare, no questions asked. Yet, this period is usually concise. Your Virginia timeshare purchase might date back to last year.

2. Companies buyback: Your Virginia timeshare cancellation might be extremely easy if the company repurchases it. Though, this buyback is merrily a lie in most cases. Nevertheless, try your luck!

3. Companies takeback: Some companies might take your timeshare back without paying you any money. It can turn out to be a good option if you are only looking for a way to get rid of maintenance fees and other expenses. Still, for people expecting a cash-back from their Virginia timeshare cancellation, this is not favorable.

4. Sell your timeshare: Someone out there might be looking for a timeshare while you are looking for your Virginia timeshare cancellation. Not going to lie; sunny beaches, and smiling faces can quickly draw someone towards a timeshare. Sites like lets people sell their timeshares; charge fees. However, sites like Craigslist, that are free for advertisement might be favorable.

5. Hire an exit company/attorney: There are a variety of such companies out there. I would suggest you check my personal favorite, Linkx Legal, as they do not just tend you for that Virginia timeshare but also educate you on the timeshare market’s working process.

Hiring an attorney might not be the best idea on the list, as lawyers cost a lot, and you might end up losing way more money than you lost in the timeshare. Still, it is worth a try.

Your Virginia timeshare cancellation must have taught you never to buy anything on a whim. These ways are not entirely trouble-free, but they can ease your constant worry of wasting loads of money on maintenance fees, etcetera. So, go and do away with that stupid contract as soon as you can!

Story by Uday Tank