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Why I’m running

Letter from Janice Lee Allen

During one of my home visits while campaigning for U.S. Congress, I knocked on a door, and a mother answered. She invited me in and asked me to walk over and meet her son. She said: “This is my son, and he is dying from leukemia.” The young boy, I shall call James, was only about 8 years old, and was virtually motionless, just barely able to move his left arm. My own granddaughter is 8 years old, and you can just imagine how I felt when I walked out of that home. If there was any question as to why I am running for office, it was answered at that time.

I agree with one of my opponents, we do need to provide more health care for our children, but we must take it a giant step further. Let us not only provide health care, but let us get to the root of what is causing these diseases, so that there will never again be a situation like that of young James.

This is my proposal: As your Congresswoman, I will propose a program which will combine medical research with all phases of scientific research. I mention the program on my web site: My proposal is to create an agency, funded and operated by the federal government, as was done during World War II, when the most brilliant minds were brought together, to research answers to medical research and energy. This mergence of scientific fields could also lead to answers into and the creation of alternative energy resources we need in this nation today. Just think: If we could find cures, or at least not to have these diseases to be terminal, we will go a long way in saving millions of lives in America, and in this world. Would it not be an extraordinary feat to discover pills that would kill all forms of cancer and offset heart attacks? I am an optimist. It can be done.

It is time for the federal government to focus its money on saving lives, and to stop spending money in fighting endless wars. And, it is time for this District to have a creative, visionary fighter representing you in Congress, who will fight to save lives.

Janice Lee Allen is an independent candidate for the Sixth District seat in the United States Congress.

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