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Why hurricane windows and doors can save your property

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Even the most gorgeous places suffer storms and natural disasters. To stay protected when the unexpected strikes, impact windows and doors are just what you need to save your property. Here we discuss the benefits of impact windows and doors and why you should install these features to prepare for future weather crises.

The windows are shatterproof

The best part of including impact windows is that they are shatterproof. You can rest assured knowing that your glass will remain intact and that anything flying around outside will be unable to come in. Impact windows also protect the structure of your home. By preventing the destruction of windows, the structure is safer because the pressure will not build, preventing issues like roof damage. If you want windows that help you stay cool during the summer, impact windows will keep humid air from entering inside. The humidity protection will also keep costs down by reducing the amount of energy used to keep the house comfortable.

No pressure buildup

Impact doors also work to protect against storms. When heavy air pressure persists, impact doors and windows prevent the breakdown of materials, eliminating the risk of pressure build and resulting damages to siding and the roof. The home’s pressure remains consistent with these installations, which prevents the drop in outside pressure from hitting the house.

Savings with hurricane windows & doors

By including hurricane windows & doors, you will save in your utility bills. Energy usage will be lower, so the costs will also be lower as a result. You will save energy on your bills each month as you will be able to maintain a cool home without any invasive temperature drops from the conditions outside.

Noise reduction qualities

Hurricane doors also reduce the amount of noise you hear from outside. The coverage that exists as part of the construction acts as a noise reducer giving you greater peace of mind for whatever you are trying to accomplish in quiet. These features are great for those who live in loud city settings or other areas where there is a lot of traffic and construction taking place regularly.

Increased home value

If you ever decide to sell, having impact windows and doors will add to your home’s value. New buyers will be pleased to know that their windows and doors are greatly protected and will withstand the test of time. Many homebuyers have to fork over the extra costs to install these heavy-duty windows and doors. Having them in place ahead of time will increase your home’s value and give you more opportunities to sell your home to a greater number of interested buyers.

Just like how some Malibu homeowners have their homes constructed with concrete, the use of storm-resistant windows and doors is another way to protect your home when bad weather strikes. We recommend incorporating impact windows and doors to protect your property against any adverse weather conditions that may come your way.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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