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Why hire an immigration lawyer?

courtImmigration law in the United States is tough, especially if you are someone who has obtained a permanent resident green card to live in the country. At any given time, the green card can be easily revoked for numerous reasons pertaining to immigration or criminal violations.

Normally, the green card holder is notified that their green card has been placed in jeopardy in advance. But sometimes, people holding permanent residency get notified of deportability only after they have submitted their fingerprints required to get a replacement green card, citizenship, or removal of certain conditions. By this time, it is normally very late to act and save yourself from deportability. Yes, the immigration system of America is a mess.

Once you are labeled by the USCIS for violating immigration or criminal laws, your permanent residency will be placed in the removal proceedings and you could very well be deported. The only way to save yourself from this troubling situation is to never apply for these benefits, but you know its hard to survive with conditions placed upon you.

However, if you hire an experienced Lose Angeles Immigration lawyer, you will be thoroughly interviewed for any activities you may have done after obtaining your green card in order to avoid losing your hard earned money on a failed citizenship application due to issues pertaining to your moral character, immigration or criminal law violations. If this is your situation, then your application is bound to fail, if not becoming extremely complicated.

With the help of a Los Angeles Immigration lawyer, you can prepare enough evidence or a legal argument that can help you win your case.

Prepare Your Citizenship Application With Help From A Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer

One of the most common complaints people have about submitting their citizenship application is the time USCIS takes to process the application and grant them U.S citizenship. If you by any chance fail to submit an accurate application, you can experience even more delay. By getting help from a Los Angeles immigration lawyer, you reduce the chances of your application being denied significantly, consequently saving you a lot of time.

Bring An Immigration Lawyer With You To Your Citizenship Interview

After your application has been submitted, you will be called for an interview. During this time, even the most experienced and confident person can feel nervous in front of hundreds of questions bombarded to them by the USCIS officials.

Nervousness can cause you to appear evasive, decisive, or even dishonest in front of the interviewer. By taking an experienced Los Angeles Immigration lawyer with you, your entire interview can be turned in your favor.

The immigration lawyer accompanying and interviewee is allowed to speak on their behalf. Since they have ample experience, they can deal with many issues on the spot and help you obtain your citizenship.

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