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Why getting quality press release distribution services matter

newspaperHiring quality press release distribution services is important, whether you are a startup or a big company.  A reputable distribution service can help you in several ways like getting a good return-on-investment.

There are a lot of options in the market. How will you know if you’re dealing with a service that can help your campaign?

Distribution companies offer different packages and pricing. You need to consider several factors. The most important one is choosing a service with experience and expertise in distributing releases.

Let’s first define the meaning of newswires or press release distribution services to understand the concept before we go on the importance of hiring a quality service.

What is a newswire?

Newswires or press distribution services syndicate a story on different locations and sites and give their clients a report concerning its result. They have monitoring tools that can track different metrics that will measure the outcome.

The majority of them offer industry-specific targeting, so it ensures that a business can get their message in front of the right audience.  They can get your message across different channels, which is impossible for you to reach if you’re just concentrated on traditional marketing.

Getting an expert distribution service can help you reach your business goals. Here are the reasons why you should consider working with an expert service:

You widen your visibility.

When you use a quality service, they are connected to a big network of journalists, bloggers and media outlets that matter to your business. The majority of newswires offer industry-specific targeting, helping you reach relevant media and publications.

When your news reaches a number of journalists and publications, it gets seen by people who care about your story. It can spread across newspapers, magazines, sites, radio,  and television programs.

They can learn about your business on a deeper level like what you do, offer and why you stand out in the market.  Although there’s no immediate result, seeing you regularly can increase the possibility of their engagement with your brand.

Issuing releases regularly can boost trust and authority. The more likely that they’ll connect with you and make purchasing decisions.

Potential investors may also see you. Since they are looking for brands they can collaborate with, seeing you as an expert in your niche can make you a prospective partner for them. As you become popular, you can expect to attract more leads and sales.

You become a thought leader in your niche.

Distributing releases via press release services can help you become an expert or a thought leader in your niche. But you can’t accomplish it if you’re not going to do it more frequently.

Choose plans that will expose your brand more often. Perhaps you can get a monthly or yearly package to syndicate your content. Doing it often can assure you that you’ll be seen across different sites, social media, and other locations.

More people can see you. They can share your content through social media. If it is optimized, you’ll be seen on top of the search engines. Google News can feature your story for a certain period.

Becoming visible in the public can develop the public’s trust in your brand. Eventually, it will lead to more people inquiring and buying your products.

When writing releases, don’t just write any topics just for the sale of sending releases often. Write newsworthy releases, relevant to your audience.

Write your stance on a trending issue, discuss the result of your research, or offer a solution for your audience’s problem. You can issue a release about your upcoming speaking engagements or a webinar that highlights your expertise. When you offer a great reason why they will connect with you, they will regard you as an important brand.

Not only the audience will find you as an expert. Journalists seeing you as a standout brand will also have the interest to connect with you. They will regard you as a great source of information which can attract media opportunities later on.

Do it more often and you’ll be a credible business. Once you achieved that level, you’ll drive more traffic, leads, and sales because you are a strong and trustworthy brand.

You can attain a better outcome.

You pay for the services to get results. Choosing quality distribution can provide you with better results than getting free services.

No matter what size of business, it’s important that to have a good ROI. Investment matters.

Putting your news out there gives you more exposure. When you’re more exposed to the media, they are more likely to see you as an expert or a great source of information.

People who find your content effective can share it on social media. Your story can go viral easily.

Hiring a good service has a team of editors who can edit your news to become more relevant. They can advise you on how you can improve it for SEO, making it more visible on the internet.

Well-written content can get you more reads, shares, and links. Earning quality backlinks can boost your authority and reputation.

Your story reaches the right target.

A number of newswires provide geo-targeting where you can choose the locations that you want to target. You can opt for local, regional or national journalists and publications. You can also choose what type of industry you want to target.

With a more personalized approach, you can reach the right audience who cares about your news. Promoting your new product or service to relevant people can ensure that they are going to benefit from it, and you’ll get a good return.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about finding journalists. It makes your job easier and faster. You don’t have to build relationships which takes time.

Reaching the right audience is very important for your campaign. When this happens, you’ll be successful in reaching your business goal.

You’ll have a successful campaign.

Working with a reputable distribution service ensures that you are receiving tracking reports of your campaign. You’ll know the important metrics that can affect the performance of your release.

When you pay for these services, you’ll have the idea who picked up your news, what locations it was distributed, who clicked, how many audiences visited your site, and so on. Knowing the information can help you better analyze what impacts your campaign. You’ll have insights and a better gauge on how you can improve your future releases.

Knowing these metrics can increase the possibility to have a successful campaign. Of course, a successful campaign leads to a better ROI.

You can manage your reputation.

Working with good distribution services ensures they have good relationships with journalists and media outlets. If you are dealing with a crisis, such as security breaches, safety concerns and recalls, their coverage can help you get your message across your audience.

Managing your reputation in times of a crisis is very important. Issue a release immediately to protect your business name.

Addressing it right away ensures that you are serious of handling the situations. You can control what others have to say about you.

It’s a good way to express that you care about your audience. This way, you can protect your reputation despite a crisis.

You have a wider and farther distribution of your news.

When you use a press release service, you can be assured that your news reaches far and wide. They have a vast network of journalists and media outlets who can pick up your news.

They syndicate your story in different locations, media outlets, and sites. Journalists can also receive it through RSS feeds. Anyone who has read it can share it on social media.

More eyes on your announcement mean more exposure for your business. It gives you the opportunities that you will not get if you’re not using the wires in distributing your releases.

When your news appears on social media networks, journalists using Twitter can see your story. If it interests them, they are more likely to cover or mention you.

People nowadays consume news on their mobile devices. If your story is widely distributed, there’s a possibility that they will read it. An optimized release with images or is easily shared across social media.

Not only it appears on top of the search results. It stays on Google News for such a time. The images you used in your release can be included in Google Images that gives your content another exposure.

When you have decided to hire a distribution service, check if they have a wide distribution. Don’t just pay them for the distribution. Ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

You attract investors.

Apart from customers, you want to attract investors. Collaboration is one way to grow your business.

When your story appears on a popular site like “New York Times,” or it is heard on a well-known radio station, investors are more likely to notice you. They don’t just work with any type of business. They want to collaborate with authority and expert brands to ensure that their investment will grow.

They want to ensure that they are not wasting their investment in the wrong brands. One way they can ensure it is through releases. When they see your story appearing on different channels frequently, they are more likely to trust you.

Releases can provide a way for them to know you better as a brand. They can easily visit your site and verify information.

Issuing releases on a regular basis is a good indication that you are a thought leader. They are able to know what your brand is capable of.

Take note of your important events, speaking engagements, seminars, conferences or book publishing that highlight your expertise.  Make sure that you issue a release to attract attention and attendance on these events. Seeing you doing these activities also enhances your reputation.

You get more links.

Since using newswires can bring your news more exposure, you’ll attract more links as a result. The moment they see that you wrote a newsworthy and relevant release, they will link back to your site. It gives you organic links which position you on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

The secret to getting more links is producing newsworthy content at all times. Show your expertise in the content you’re writing. Of course, other sites don’t just link back to you.

They want to ensure that you are an authority and trustworthy site. The moment you earn their trust, you’ll get links.

Getting links through releases places your site on the top rankings. It promotes your visibility.

It helps you get more traffic to your site.

The goal of your campaign is to attract business. You’ll not achieve it if no one is visiting your site.

When you use a distribution provider, it can help you get the exposure you need. The links in your release can point towards a landing page on your site that drives traffic. We all know that the more visitors you have, the more inquiries you’ll get, leads, sales and more.

Take note of the links you place in your release. There are three places where you can put links in your content: call-to-action, the body of the release and the boilerplate. Although you’ll not get direct SEO for these links because they have a “no follow” attribute, it can help you boost the numbers of your site visitors.

Keep in mind not to put too many links in your content. Do not go beyond three links if you don’t want to get penalized for being spammy.

Other than links, boost your SEO through keywords and multimedia. These elements will help you drive more traffic.

Now that you know why collaborating with reputable newswires is important, you need to develop your own standards when choosing a service. Determine the factors that matter to your campaign. Check if a certain service can provide your needs.

The pricing is not the only thing that you need to consider. You should consider the service that provides you with the best results for your campaign.

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