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Why festive nails are essential

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Nail art has come a long way during the turn of the century. Women and young girls are visiting the nail salons more than ever. In today’s pop culture getting your nails done are a form of identity and the transition between childhood and entering womanhood. Nail art can be traced back all the way to ancient Egypt where having colored nails was a form of social status differentiating women of high and low class. Although nail art has been mainly used by women it has not stopped men from joining the fun. Men would color their nails as a symbol of going into war and with pitch black charcoal. However most of the nail art nowadays symbolises seasons,  your favorite colors, or whatever trend there is at the time nail art is a form of identity and fashion.

In today’s world we are able to capture a lot about a person’s identity just by looking at their nails. We can tell what they like about pop culture if they have very long colorful nails full of designs and symbols. If a person has a corporate job or they just like to be lowkey they tend to have short nails with nude colors. If the person is also on the younger side they tend to have more fluorescent colors. Nevertheless if you are always curious about the person that you are meeting just take a look at their nails.

Having festive nails is essential for you to be able to feel more confident and happy. Whenever you look at your nails and you look at the great masterpiece that your nail art technician created it will always make you feel happy . Throughout the seasons you are able to show all of the different types of colors and shades and put them on your nails.

Summer Nails: In the summer you are able to choose literally whatever color the rainbow has to offer. Most people like to go for the fluorescent colors that bring out their summer personalities. While summer offers many colors that you can choose from there is still the option to opt out for a more nude peachy color. Peachy colors are great if you still have to work in the office but still want to feel like your nails are part of summer.

Fall Nails: The falls lets us bring all deep colors that just seem weird to have on any other season. With fall colors you are able to be very creative when it comes to the shape and designs. There is a very popular nail shape called the coffin shape that you can get on your nails, combine that with a deep purple and you are set for the fall. Another theme that falls right within this category is Halloween nails, this category has a theme of its own. It is very likely that people will just get their nails done for this day and design patterns just for this day as well.

Winter Nails: Winter goes hand in hand with fall colors, the only difference is that winter is the turn if the color scheme is when you don’t have as much deep color art in your nails but you can still pay around with light and dark colors. Winter is the best of both worlds. You can play with as many deep colors and light colors there really is no bad or wrong answer. The most popular colors for winter are blues, reds, greys, and silver. Most people like to add some red colors to symbolize Christmas and New Years.

Spring Nails: Spring Nail art has got to be some of the most calm and joyful out of all the seasons. Spring not only has the best weather but also some of the most beautiful pastels that you could ever imagine.

Whether you are looking for your personality designs or the colors that would work best for you, just remember that nothing is set in stone. If you feel like having a pastel color in the middle of winter or vise versa go for it. The colors that choose speak volumes about you. Having festive nails is a matter of personality and true self identity so go out and show the world your true colors.

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