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Why every young man needs to learn how to tie a tie

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It is important to learn how to tie a tie. You honestly never know when the occasion you’ll need to wear a tie will be. Whether it be a special event, like a wedding or a job interview. Every young man needs to learn how to tie a tie because at one point or another in their lifetime, they will need to wear some sort of tie. So it’s better to learn now than to be sorry later when you feel lost when the time you need to wear a tie comes and you don’t know how. It’s not very difficult to learn, so learning how to tie a tie won’t hurt.

Tying a tie should be one of the lessons and hard earned advice that every young man should learn before becoming a man. Many people have said that learning how to tie ties is the passage to manhood. We often think that only important and powerful people wear ties, which is obviously not true. So teaching a young man could make him feel important and empowered. Thus motivating him to do better in life. To live with respect, honor and feel like he could do anything in life. Teaching a young man could have a huge impact on his life, you never know.

At first a young man might think to himself why he would need to learn how to tie a tie. Not realizing that learning how to tie a tie might lead to the best, most important parts of his life. He’ll realize why it was important to learn this at a younger age when he’s getting ready for graduation, a job interview, a special event and even his own wedding day. Teach a young man to tie a tie and he’ll remember you on these very important days of his life.

Some young men learn how to tie a tie at a young age because they need to wear one to attend church. Teaching kids at a young age also teaches them respect. As they see that they are dressed like other adults in church that they look up too. It also teaches them to be fashionable and look good which could lift their self esteem.

My grandfather taught me how to tie a tie at a very young age. I used to love being around my grandfather because to me he was the strongest, smartest, funniest, just most amazing person I have ever been around of in my life. One day he sat me down and pulled out a tie. He told me that if I wanted to continue going with him to church I would need to wear a tie. I thought to myself for a second and looked at my grandfather with an odd look until he said, “well”? I was like, “ok grandpa but how do I use that. He spent around an hour with me teaching me how to properly tie a tie. Till this day it is a day I have never forgotten.

Ever since that day, every Sunday I would get up and look forward to getting dressed and putting my tie on. I remember everyone at church started acting differently towards me. I got a lot of, “look at you” “looking sharp” and my favorite one, you look just like your grandfather. That made me feel special because to me my grandfather was like Superman.. I can’t lie, I really felt important. For the first time in my life I felt like a man. I knew I could never be my grandpa but it made me feel I could be just like him. The greatest man I have ever met in my life. I’ll never forget tying my tie on the day of his funeral, looking up and saying, “Thank you grandpa, because of you I am a great man. I love you”.

Learning how to tie a tie might not be as special or important as it was to me but it doesn’t have to be. Learning how to tie a tie will be different for everyone. Honestly most young men will have to learn on their own. Perhaps stressing right before prom or sweating it right before  a job interview hoping they would have learned how to tie a tie before. Well it’s never too late but the sooner the better!!!

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