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Why every couch needs a throw blanket

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Never before have we spent so much time at home.

While being confined to our houses for much of last year had its downsides, there were a few perks that we need to appreciate more — one of those being the perfect excuse to enhance our home’s interior design.

Tons of house hacks will turn it into a home — one of those being a throw blanket.

Throw blankets are two-for-one items that we believe every couch needs. It provides you with a level of coziness and comfort and adds a level of style and personal touch to your living room space. These versatile blankets come in a range of sizes, materials, and colors — meaning there is the perfect one for your couch out there.

To provide some inspiration for you and your couch, here are the different types of throw blankets you should consider getting.

1. A luxurious throw blanket

Faux fur is a premium choice for a throw blanket. Not only is it soft, silky, and plush, but it provides a level of elegance to your couch too! It will add a stylish element to your home during the day, and at night, it will create a cuddly environment for snuggling.

2. A warm throw blanket

If you live in an area that is prone to cold nights or long winters, a wool throw blanket is a great choice to consider. The wool can prevent moisture from getting trapped and provide a dry heat that your joints will love. And because of the dry heat, this throw blanket can still sit out in the summertime, too — a great year-round choice for your couch.

3. A cool throw blanket

Sometimes you want to cuddle up under a throw blanket when it is still a warm environment. That is why a cotton throw blanket is a practical choice for those living in warmer climates. But more so than that, cotton is an excellent material choice for those with sensitive allergies.

4. A throw blanket made with love

Adding a personal touch to your couch are knitted throw blankets, which take a lot of manual labor to create. With a range of patterns and designs to choose from, the knitted throw blanket will add a unique personality to the living room.

No matter what type of throw blanket you get for your couch, the great news is that there is just minimal effort required in styling the covering on your couch. You can switch it up daily and try new looks on the fly. A few styling tips that are proven to work well include:

  • Fold it up nice and neat. Try arranging the throw blanket neatly and crisply into a square or rectangle and placing it next to your couch cushions. This is an excellent look for those wanting a perfect-looking living space and anyone who likes to show off their clean house.
  • Throw it on the couch — literally! For those wanting to boast an inviting space that welcomes guests to cuddle up on your couch, throwing the blanket onto the couch is a great way to make the room look liveable and relaxing. You don’t have to worry about perfect folds for this option.
  • Hang it on a blanket ladder. Those who want to use the throw blanket for a design element in a modern way, hanging it from a blanket ladder is a great way to go, especially if you have a space to fill.

Every couch deserves a beautiful throw blanket to accompany it. Which one will you choose, and how will you decide to style it up?

Story by Stephen Holm

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