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Why do so many U.S.-based players play at online poker sites?

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Online poker is certainly not a new phenomenon, but it has definitely changed the entire face of the poker scene in places such as California and has led to a many people now choosing to play poker in an online playing environment.

Obviously as more and more players switch over to playing poker cash ring games online and have started to enter many online poker tournaments too, the number of poker sites reviewed on websites such as has continued to grow.

Whilst playing at CA poker sites is something many people have embraced, there is still a high percentage of poker players who are somewhat wary and hesitant about doing so, and if you are one such person then feel free to read through this guide.

I have put it together in the hope I can answer a wide and diverse range of questions that you may have about the fairness of online pokers sites and many other questions you are bound to have about that type of playing environment.

Online poker is not for everyone, as some players will always prefer playing in brick and mortar poker rooms, but there are many benefits to be had by switching over to playing online, as you are about to discover too.

So please do take a few minutes to read on and digest the following information as by doing so I am confident you will then be able to make a well balanced decision about whether online poker is something you are happy to get involved in or possibly not.

Guaranteed fair and random poker games

In the early days of online poker, it was true to say it resembled the Wild West, for back then there was no real regulation of that gaming environment and as such anyone could set up a poker site and there were very few if any safeguards for poker players.

Over the years however many Governments and particular US States have slowly but surely started to embrace online gambling including but no limited to online poker, and many States have put into place firm and solid regulatory systems and have legalized gambling in that environment.

As someone who does want to start playing poker for real money online, the onus is always going to be on you to carefully vert the poker sites you choose to play at, and that will include you checking to see where and who licenses if at all the poker sites you may fancy playing at.

By sticking rigidly to playing online at licensed sites you will have the peace of mind in knowing the games on offer have been independently certified as being fair and random, and your funds will be safe too.

Additional online poker site features and benefits

You may have already made up your mind and be eager to set about playing poker online if you do reside in California, however if you need a few more assurances that it is going to be an enjoyable playing experience, then be aware of the following.

All licensed sites at which poker games are available will offer you plenty of responsible gambling tools, to allow you to stay in control when playing. They include being able to set a deposit limit and even a loss limit, as well as being able to set the amount of time you will be allowed to stay logged into your account too.

Plus, thanks to things such a deposit match bonuses, and a plethora of additional promotional offers, including but not limited to entries into freeroll tournaments, you can often lock in additional playing value when making use of them.

Keep in mind too that all top rated California poker sites online will additionally have their own comp club schemes in place too, so you will be comped for your real money poker playing thanks to those reward schemes.

Story by Adrian Sterne

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