Why businesses need clean windows and signs?

businessOnline businesses and marketplaces dominate today’s market. The traditional brick and mortar shops are slowly losing their golden touch. But one thing remains true; online stores cannot compensate the experience of shopping in a physical store.

One of the most attractive features of any shop or store is the clean interior and exterior. A clean window gives off a positive vibe. On the other hand, putting up with a dirty window spoils the reputation of the business.

Businesses need good signage and clean windows to draw the feeling of trust and credibility from the customer. Many reliable and experienced service companies have had many clients with the same dilemma on maintaining clean windows. One of those is commercial window cleaning in Leeds.

If you’re still contemplating about this, let us give you reasons why you should clean it, pronto:

Make Sure Your Store Looks Good

The lifespan of the window and signboard depends on how often it is cleaned. A clean window is free of debris and dirt.

Make Sure It is Clean and Shiny

Collection of dirt on the window can reduce the visibility and the loss of transparency. It could make the glass more fragile.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Fragile

A clean window prevents the weathering of the glass frames. This weathering can decrease the lifespan of the window, making it a little too fragile for your liking.

Make Sure There’s Natural Light

When the windows are clean, there is more natural light. It lowers the electricity bills, and according to studies, the natural light also results to happier workers in the office.

Make Sure You Build Your Business’ Credibility

The credibility of a business becomes better with well-kept signage. Do you trust a clinic with a rugged and dirty sign? You’d feel as if they’d destroy your teeth, right? Always go for strong credibility and a high audience attention level.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows and Signage?

Here is a quick general guideline for cleaning commercial windows.

  • Retails stores in high traffic area – Every fortnight or month
  • Retail stores in low traffic area- every one or two months
  • Restaurants – Every week or fortnight
  • Healthcare facilities – Every month
  • Office buildings’ lobby area – Every one or two months
  • Office buildings in general – Once or twice a year

What are the Factors You Need to Consider if You Want to do Commercial Window Cleaning?

Type of Business

When you are expecting many customers in a day, there are more chances of moisture build-up. For health care and restaurants, clean signage and windows promote their business values.


In general, businesses in heavy traffic zones are more prone to dust accumulation compared to others. Adopt to increasing the frequency of cleaning.

Seasonal Changes

During some seasons like spring, the pollen could make your windows look messy. It often leads to an increase in the cleaning routine. Sometimes, rains are also not good for the windows. Consider cleaning it regularly.


If your business has a parking lot, the emissions from vehicles could make you clean often. Most owners invest in building a row of flower beds or small trees to avoid collecting dust from the cars.

A clean window and a perfect signboard for the business makes a huge difference. Broken signage or a dirty window could spoil the reliability of the business.

To improve the life of the commercial windows, consider cleaning it often. A professional window cleaner is ideal to suit any business model. In fact, it is an investment in your business.

Plan your window cleaning to gain more visibility!

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