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Why boring is beautiful in forex trading

If truth be told, many people get into forex trading because of the excitement. Just imagine that in your spare time from work and family, you can make brilliant trades that will move your lifestyle up a notch or two on the scale of success. It seems as though all you need to do is learn the way the market works, jump in and outwit everyone with your dynamite moves. Eventually, you’ll be doing so well that you can turn your part-time hobby into a full time job – a job that you can take with you as you travel the world! But is that the way actual traders with experience think? No; not at all. Yes, it can be exciting, but all the time? Definitely not! In fact, if you are looking for wild and crazy, you will be disappointed, because forex is far from that. That’s the whole point of learning before you ever begin with your first trade. There is a system, and in order to understand the market, when to trade and when to sit back, you must understand the structure, the charts and trends. When you have a good base of knowledge as to how the currencies rise and fall, you can begin to anticipate and enter trades.

High Expectations

If you enter into forex trading thinking that it will be a fun ride on a profitable rollercoaster, you will be extremely disappointed. In fact, trading forex can be quite boring. And it should be boring. If you are trading according to charts, pip movement and logic, then your transactions will have a solid base and a good chance for profit. It can be considered boring because you are actually not doing anything. Your only job is to watch and wait. Watch for patterns and trends. Wait for a price breakout. Note when the market favors your position. But let the market do the work for you. Don’t obsess over every move the market makes, and don’t jump from one trade to another to try to keep up. When entering the forex market, make sure you review a list of brokers that you can rely on.

Calm Down!

What is one of a trader’s worst enemies? Emotions. If the trading is going well, then there is nothing to get all excited about. If you get bored watching and waiting, you might feel the urge to interfere with the market. Trading on emotions is one of the worst mistakes forex traders can make. When you get impatient and can’t sit it out any longer, you might enter a trade a short time to soon and watch as your money disappears. It is better to calm down and wait it out.

Monitoring Charts

In actuality, traders live a very boring life. They are up late to catch different markets and get up early to cash in on markets within their time zones. Most of their time is spent waiting. But why is boring beautiful? Because boring means you are not in it for the excitement and you are not trying to just turn a quick dime and get out. Successful traders have learned to keep their emotions in check so they can concentrate on what the market is telling them. Then when they make good profits, they have something to get excited about!

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